Fortnite is an online shooter survival game created by Epic Games. The product came out in 2017. Fortnite is available for PCs, consoles, and mobile platforms. This game has plenty of fans across the world. 


You are going to choose between four main character types. The game includes various modes such as Save the World, Battle Royale, and Creative. Battle Royale is the most popular one. Here you can compete with rivals from all over the world. The last standing player wins. 

The gameplay allows you to enter into cooperation with other players in order to facilitate your survival. You can team up to fight with your enemies and build shelters. There is one peculiarity that you should bear in mind when playing Fortnite: Battle Royale. The safe area shrinks down all the time. If you are outside of it, you will take damage until you get back to the safe area.

During the game, you are going to collect various items, weapons, and building materials. They will help you to survive and complete all your tasks. If you don’t want to fight with the enemies, you can choose a combat free Creative mode, where you are going to build various locations and constructions.


The in-game graphics is very special. It has a cartoon style meaning you will not find photo-realistic landscapes there. However, this type of picture looks great and makes this game unique in the industry of actions and shooters. The game has average system requirements. You don’t necessarily need to have a super modern PC to play it.


Fortnite is available on PCs, consoles, and mobile devices. Depending on what you choose, you can use a keyboard/mouse combination, gamepad, or tap controller. The keyboard and mouse seem to be the most suitable for the shooter. However, console gamers, having great experience in playing shooters, may disagree with that. They are used to play with gamepads and can confirm that there is nothing better than using a gamepad for an action or a shooter game.

Lasting appeal

Fortnite is an online game with random maps and scenarios. This adds replay value to the product. If you like those multilayer shooters, you will definitely want to have this one on your device, and you are going to play it frequently. Game servers are always full of players, confirming that this product has a very high lasting appeal.


Fortnite is very popular thanks to its multiplayer features and various modes to play. You can download it for free from the developers’ official web page.


  • Unique and attractive graphics
  • Three multiplayer modes
  • Various items to collect and to use
  • Plenty of weapon types to take
  • Customizable characters.


  • The game is not moderated
  • Fortnite has an age rating of 12+.
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