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From the onset, the evolution of Gears' third-person action has been anything but stagnant, illustrated perfectly in its fifth installment, Gears 5. This gear-turning saga introduces Jack, a robotic cohort indispensable in improving the game dynamics. Jack's presence gives an innovative shift in the game's wall of weaponry and combat techniques, enhancing gaming tactics and strategies. 

Meet Jack: Your Handy Floating Robot Companion

One of the noteworthy innovations in Gears 5 is the introduction of Jack. This floating robot companion does more than merely accompany you on the battlefield; he is multifaceted and flexible, often the secret ingredient in overcoming obstacles and scoring victories. 

Jack's abilities are as dynamic as they are essential- his multifunctionality comes from unlockable powers he acquires from the scattered upgrade components across the game. You can choose to diversify your abilities or focus heavily on a few, giving you an upper hand during combat. Jack's arsenal includes flash-blinding enemies, providing a cloak, and even reviving your team. These various abilities act as a lifeline, aiding in both attack and defense techniques.

In particular, Stim, a unique healing ability, provides an essential lifeline in dire situations, saving your life on multiple occasions, especially during the campaign's tougher, later stages.

Another perk? Jack is not just a tool for the battlefield; he plays an assistant's role as well. From grabbing weapons to unlocking safes, he adds a layer of convenience that smoothly blends into the game's structure and storyline. 

In essence, Jack enriches gameplay significantly and adds more depth to tactical decision-making, making Gears 5 more exciting and strategic than its predecessors. A handy friend to have in a tight corner, indeed.

Engaging Challenges 

A significant feature that sets Gears 5 apart from its predecessors is the open-world structure that emerges in the game's mid-section. In its second and third acts, the game breaks from its traditional linear narrative to offer a more expansive and interactive exploration experience.

As you navigate the world on your wind-powered Skiff, different secondary objectives are presented to you. These optional tasks deviate from the main storyline and immerse you in a mini-adventure of sorts. The open-world design allows for a divergence in the intensity and duration of these tasks. Some challenges may require a quick maneuver; others could be intricate, multi-layered problems that demand attention and strategic thought.

The rewards for these secondary objectives are upgrades for your robotic companion, Jack. These additional capabilities, earned outside of the central plot, make your journey worth the detour. They don't only enhance Jack's abilities; they also encourage you to thoroughly explore the game world, rewarding players who are willing to put in extra effort and time.

This change of pace from the customary linear storytelling allows the storyline to breathe, expanding the world of Gears beyond the confines of the primary plot. In addition to the usual high-stakes Save the World quests, there are opportunities to explore uncharted terrains and undertake unique tasks, adding depth and variety to the player's experience. Whether you view this open-world design as an inspiration or coincidence from games like God of War, the comparisons are unavoidable, especially with the first open-world section set in a chilling frozen tundra.

Versus Mode: A New Twist to Gears 5

Gears 5 ushers in a whole new way of playing the game via the Versus mode. This enriched mode provides an innovative blend of chaos and casual gameplay that puts an interesting spin to the established Gears 5 mechanics.

No longer do you start with the usual Lancer/Gnasher set; instead, your arsenal is dictated by the chosen character. This means weapons can be switched interchangeably between deaths during a match and customized to suit the players' style. These changes give players more freedom, shaking up the dynamics in a way that’s refreshing and makes every match feel like another adventure.

Moreover, Versus Mode introduces a novel economy driven by skulls. These currency-like rewards are earned by downing and dispatching adversaries, be it from deaths or successful kills. This skull attribute extends even after death, ensuring that all participants have an equal opportunity in the match.

You can use skulls to purchase incredible weapons and equipment. The availability of options such as the Markza MK1, or incendiary grenades, gives players an edge by expanding their tactical arsenal. This feature encourages strategic gameplay and facilitates progression, maintaining the game's balance.

The inclusion of a lobby for co-op versus bots appeals especially to newcomers, offering a suitable environment where they can get their bearings without the intimidating feeling of being tossed into a challenging arena off the bat. Thus, Versus Mode is a democratically designed gameplay style that levels the playing field while keeping a sense of irresistible chaos integral to the Gears series. 

Unleashing the Power of Horde 

In the Horde characters lineup, Jack undoubtedly steals the show. Jack functions in multiplayer mode, offering laser-induced enemy stuns, healing abilities, and even the power to control enemy units for a limited period. While this might appear beginner-friendly, expert players will undoubtedly find Jack's skills beneficial for executing more complex strategies. 

In Conclusion 

Through unique game design and the inclusion of a robotic companion, Gears 5 continues to represent the slow but steady evolution of the Gears series. It offers a beautiful mix of strategy, friendly competition, and exciting challenges, all making for an excellent gaming experience. 


  • Jack, a practical floating robot companion
  • An open-structured gameplay that offers a unique change of pace
  • The Versus mode that balances casual and competitive gameplay.


  • The narrative may feel diluted due to an overly complex upgrade system.
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