Grace Williams 2024-02-12 10:35

Speculation: The Upcoming Nintendo Switch Successor Is Anticipated To Support Both Digital And Physical Game Formats From The Previous Generation

Preservation of games has emerged as a key issue for many players in today's digital landscape. As an integral part of our digital cultural heritage, ensuring the longevity of as many video games as possible should be a priority as the industry shifts towards subscription models and digital-only availability.

Nintendo has faced criticism for phasing out its Wii U and 3DS eShops, yet there are indications that the company may be making a positive move with its next-generation console. Reports from the Brazilian gaming site Universo Nintendo (with details from Centro Leaks) suggest that the upcoming iteration of the Switch console will support backward compatibility, allowing it to play original Switch games.

This backward compatibility will include both physical cartridges and digitally downloaded games. Additionally, reports suggest that game developers will have the opportunity to tap into the enhanced capabilities of the new hardware to improve their existing Switch titles. More information on this new console is expected to be revealed in the following month.

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