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Bright colours in the bathroom: this is how to do it

By adding bright colours to the bathroom you will make this important room even more original and fun. Find out how you can do it here. Colours determine the brightness and warmth of a room. That’s why we’ll show you how to apply bright colours in the bathroom. You can use just one colour or […]

3 truly innovative towel rails for the bathroom

The bathroom is an environment that can be embellished with functional but also decorative elements. As in the case of these beautiful towel rails for the bathroom Towel rails are an essential accessory in any bathroom. Keep in mind that, in addition to playing their role, they can contribute greatly to the decoration of this […]

The, beauty, of a bathroom, decorated, with, natural, elements

If you are planning to renovate your space and have a bathroom decorated with natural elements, you can find some useful tips below. The bathroom is a room where intimacy is at its highest and where you often look for a moment of daily relaxation. In general, the presence of elements that recall nature is […]

The best washing machines on the market not to be missed

If your machine is broken or simply old, here is a complete review dedicated to the best washing machines of the moment: efficient, beautiful and cheap. Investing in a quality product is essential. There’s nothing better than a high-performance appliance that lasts for many years. In this article, we will tell you which are the […]

Beautiful avant-garde taps for the bathroom

If you want to renovate your bathroom and are looking for avant-garde taps with a truly unique and modern design, don’t miss these beautiful models. The avant-garde comes to your home. There is no need for this artistic trend to be expressed only through works of art or furniture, but it can also emerge in […]

Bathtub or shower: a complicated choice

It is the great doubt that assails us when we have to create or renovate our bathroom: bathtub or shower? Here you will find the respective advantages and disadvantages, plus some useful tips that will help you decide. One of the big doubts that assail us when we restructure or think of a new bathroom […]

4 problems with pipes that can occur at home

Problems with pipes can cause a lot of headaches. This article covers the most common ones. This article discusses the most common pipe problems that can occur at home. In fact, because the pipes are not in sight, many times you do not pay the proper attention, so you tend to detect the problem only […]

Tips for choosing bathroom accessories

Bathroom accessories are the great allies for the furnishing of this important room. Bathroom accessories make the difference in the look of this room, as well as making life easier for us. We offer a series of tips that will help you with the choice of your bathroom accessories, taking into account the size, style […]

4 low-cost ideas for bathroom renovation 100%

Are you thinking of renovating your bathroom but your budget is limited? Try these options. Many times renewing the bathroom becomes an impossible mission because of the high prices that usually have the renovations. However, there are some tricks to renew your bathroom without staying broke. As you certainly know, the bathroom is one of […]