Secret Neighbor is a survival arcade game, developed by Dynamic Pixels. The game appeared in 2019. It is available for PCs and Xbox consoles. It has many positive reviews on Steam. 


What is Secret Neighbor about? You are going to play as a group of kids trying to penetrate a suspicious neighbor’s house. There is also an opportunity to play as a neighbor trying to catch those kids. Playing as a child, you are going to collect keys, save your friends from the neighbor, and cooperate with them.

As a neighbor, you are going to use your house to separate the kids, frighten them, and confuse them. You are offered various gadgets to get a leg up on the kids. You will need to gain trust and attack later. The main goal is to protect your house.

You will need to collect various items during the game. Use them to complete missions. Secret Neighbor offers plenty of levels to go through. Players are going to plan all their actions in order to succeed.


The in-game picture is great. You will definitely enjoy it. A cartoon-styled graphics combined with various effects will seize you from the first minutes. Secret Neighbor offers beautiful textures. All characters are done well with plenty of details. As for the environment, it is also of very good quality. You will not find here a photo-realistic graphics, but it is even better as the requirements are average.

Lasting appeal

Will you restart this game after completing all the missions? We think that the answer to this question is “Yes” as you can play for both kids and the neighbor. You will need to use your smarts and imagination to complete all the missions. Each time you play, you can choose another plan of action, which makes this game even more interesting and attractive. The replay value of Secret Neighbor is very high.


You can play this game using your keyboard and mouse combination. Those who play it on Xbox will use gamepads. The game offers various controller settings allowing you to set buttons to improve your gaming experience. By the way, those who play on PCs may also plug a gamepad to their device if they prefer console controls.



  • There are many missions inside
  • You can choose between kids and a neighbor
  • Plan your actions, place traps
  • The game offers high res cartoon-styled graphics
  • You can choose your preferable controller.


  • Players report bugs
  • There are cheaters in multiplayer mode.
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