My Singing Monsters
My Singing Monsters
My Singing Monsters

The realm of multiplayer games on the Switch has seen a recent surge with the advent of titles like Mario Party Superstars and Fisti-Fluffs. Adding to the excitement is My Singing Monsters Playground, a game that borrows significantly from the spirit of Nintendo's Mario Party series. With a multitude of minigames to explore with loved ones, it's a delightful addition, though it lacks a cohesive campaign tying all the elements together.

Gameplay Experience

Arriving from a highly popular mobile heritage, My Singing Monsters Playground introduces a fun-filled, whimsical world inhabited by creatures that are more endearing than eerie. Each gameplay session begins by allowing up to four players to choose from seven charming monster designs. Our personal standout is the Furcorn, a lovable creature resembling a furry bean with legs and a twig protruding from its head.

Once the selection is made, players are transported to a compact hub world where they can opt for one of three modes: Solo Gauntlet, Tournament, and Free Play. Solo Gauntlet is a single-player mode involving a sequence of minigames, where the game ends if you fail even once. With robust AI competitors, this mode ensures an entertaining time for solo gamers.

Social Fun and Challenges

The other two modes, Tournament and Free Play, cater to the multiplayer crowd but can also be enjoyed solo. Tournament mode lets players set the number of matches and take turns picking a minigame from a choice of three. Winners earn diamonds, which are tallied to crown the ultimate champion. Free Play, as the name suggests, allows for a free selection of minigames for unlimited fun.

There are 25 varied and engaging minigames spread across three categories: free-for-all, 2 v 2, and 1 v 3. While some games, like the obstacle course Thumpede and Molten Madness, stand out for their creativity, others, like Monster Rally and Snow Brawl, seem slightly more pedestrian, lacking the requisite excitement.

Visual Pleasure

The aesthetics of My Singing Monsters Playground are guaranteed to please younger gamers. The vivid monster designs, with their distinct attributes, would blend seamlessly into a Pixar movie. However, the game's frame rate can be inconsistent, particularly in the more chaotic minigames and the hub world.


My Singing Monsters Playground is a streamlined party game that forgoes the board game elements seen in other titles like Mario Party Superstars. It's an ideal choice for families with young gamers who prefer short multiplayer sessions. However, the absence of a comprehensive campaign and occasional frame rate issues might impact the game's overall shelf life.


  • Whimsical, child-friendly aesthetics
  • Variety of engaging minigames
  • Solid AI competitors in Solo Gauntlet mode


  • Lack of a comprehensive campaign
  • Occasional frame rate issues
  • Some minigames lack creativity and excitement
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