Embark on an epic saga as the immortal Prince of the Underworld in "Hades," a masterful blend of rogue-like mechanics and storytelling finesse. Developed by Supergiant Games, known for their innovative and atmospheric titles, "Hades" invites players to defy the god of the dead and seek freedom with a myriad of divine powers and weapons at their fingertips.

The heart of "Hades" lies in its thrilling combat and the vast array of Olympian blessings boosting your capabilities. Each escape attempt is fueled by the diverse boons bestowed by gods like Zeus and Athena, offering numerous character builds and strategies. Whether it's the crashing waves of Poseidon or the strategic wisdom of Athena, players relish in the depth and variety of gameplay styles afforded by the various godly powers.

"Hades" isn't just about fighting your way out of hell — it's an audiovisual feast. The Underworld is rendered in stunning hand-painted environments, each chamber offering a fresh palette for the eyes. Accompanied by a dynamic original score, the immersion is palpable, with every encounter and landscape echoing the grandeur of mythical Greece.

The underworld is teeming with life, thanks to a fully-voiced cast of characters that bring the drama of an ancient godly family to your screen. Forge relationships with these larger-than-life figures and uncover thousands of story events that weave a tale of familial strife and personal growth. "Hades" succeeds in making each character memorable, deepening your connection to the world with every conversation.

Supergiant Games ensures "Hades" remains endlessly engaging with its ever-shifting chambers. Foes remember previous encounters, while the Mirror of Night offers permanent upgrades to bolster your resolve for future runs. This cycle of growth and discovery keeps the experience fresh and encourages players to explore every nuance of the game's mechanics.

"Hades" presents a significant challenge. Each escape is a white-knuckle ordeal that will test even seasoned gamers. The difficulty scales, making it a rewarding experience for both newcomers and veterans eager to prove their mettle.

"Hades" it's an odyssey. Its meticulous blend of action, story, and replayability crafts an experience that beckons for just one more run. Pushing the boundaries of what rogue-like games can offer, "Hades" is an exceptional title that deserves its place in the pantheon of modern classics.


  • A rich selection of godly powers offers diverse combat strategies
  • Gorgeous hand-painted environments and a compelling soundtrack
  • Deeply engaging characters enhance storytelling
  • High replay value with changing dungeons and permanent upgrades
  • Challenging difficulty that caters to different skill levels.


  • It may become repetitive for some players after numerous escape attempts
  • Difficulty spikes could be frustrating for players new to rogue-like games.
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