Zachary Davis 2022-05-09 18:50

Soundcloud Hits Will Be Powered by AI

Soundcloud known for a great variety of amateur music will now offer the music makers more opportunities to create hits using the AI potential of Musiio, the company that makes AI “music critics” to name prospective hits. Now acquired by Soundcloud, Musiio will reinforce its position as an amateur music company on the market.

As countless amateur tracks are uploaded on SoundCloud every hour, it is impossible to sort out the music, giving more talented songs priority.  Such cutting-edge technologies as artificial intelligence and machine learning will empower the capabilities of the platform, processing numerous hours of music and choosing tracks that have similar features to current top chart hits.

According to Eliah Seton, SoundCloud president, the AI-powered strategy is crucial for the success of the company as it will lead to a better understanding of trends and talents in music faster than anybody else. What is more, the platform hosts soundtracks from the largest number of creators in the world.

AI has been a strong assistant for us in finding information, and now it is used to seek a fresh, high-performing artist. Previously, AI has been used to pick out music that matches a listener’s taste or to sort tracks for certain specific purposes.

The insider information shines a light on the value of the Singapore-based startup, which was $10 million last year. It is also known that the top executives of Musiio will stay on board SoundCloud and become VPs of music intelligence and AI and machine learning, while the other employees will retain their positions.

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