Amelia Wilson 2022-04-18 14:25

Snapchat Highlights News With Dynamic Stories

On April 12, Spanchat revealed a Dynamic Stories feature. Now it’s already available to all the users in the US, UK, France, and India. The new feature is designed to highlight news published in the Discover feed to deliver information about the latest global news as promptly as possible. Let’s figure out how the feature works. 

Power of Automation

The Dynamic Stories feature connects Snapchat with a group of verified partner media publishers and independent content creators to automatically transform their publications into Stories. In India, the feature is connected to partners’ RSS channels to generate automatic Stories in Hindi, English, and Marathi. The current list of partners includes multiple top publishers in India. The company is planning to partner with more RSS feed providers globally in the future to provide instant news in more languages. The list of partners in the US, UK, and France already includes dozens of content providers. 

One More Thing

Dynamic Stories isn’t the only new feature teased by Snapchat. The platform is already testing an option to share YouTube videos on Snapchat directly from the YT app. You can share videos as interactive editable stickers in your Snaps and Stories. Besides, the company introduced a bunch of new parental control options to make it safer for teenagers between 13 and 17 years old to use the social media platform. 

Pioneering News

It looks like Snapchat is the very first social media platform that partners with leading media holdings to post automated news to its users. Most probably, we will soon see similar initiatives by Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Have you already noticed Dynamic Stories in your feed? Do you like this new news publishing format? Does it display information clearly enough? Tell about your experience in the comments section below and share the news with other snapchatters. 


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