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Fallout 1 Transformed: How a Fan Brought the Classic RPG to the Nintendo 3DS

A devotee discovered a method to convert the classic Fallout 1 for playability on the Nintendo 3DS, and the process is surprisingly straightforward.

The beloved isometric RPG Fallout has been the catalyst for two decades worth of post-apocalyptic narratives, yet enthusiasts still seek to enhance its experience.

As Bethesda diverts its focus towards promoting its Fallout TV series on Amazon Prime and reportedly a sequel to Fallout 4, an inventive fan dedicated their efforts to bring Fallout into uncharted territory: onto the Nintendo 3DS.

In a narrative shared on Reddit by user u/Loopuze1, they explained, "Owning the original Fallout for a considerable time, its performance on my computer was lackluster, hindering any significant progress. The transition to 3DS has been remarkable, albeit with the slight awkwardness of toggling between mouse actions using the L button."

Since its release 27 years ago, equating to roughly 27,000 modifications, Fallout was initially confined to Mac and Windows platforms. However, with simplified porting instructions, enthusiasts can now enjoy the RPG on unconventional devices, including Android smartphones and the handheld PS Vita released in 2011.

Therefore, adapting Fallout for the 3DS feels like a logical step forward. The port utilized by u/Loopuze1 optimally leverages the console's dual-screen capacity, offering either a heads-up display or an immersive, enlarged view of the gameplay on the upper screen.

Fallout's transition to such devices is more accessible than presumed. As outlined by u/Loopuze1, "The procedure involves installation, transferring files from your own legally acquired copy, and thereafter, it's all set." They pointed to instructions available on the GBAtemp gaming forum, propagated by user MrHuu, who also provided a link on GitHub for all necessary downloads, with the latest update being released on May 6.

Upon concluding your gameplay, set forth to explore a ranking of the finest Fallout editions.

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