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The Ultimate Guide to Fortnite Augments: Unlocking Your Potential

Fortnite is a well-known game that has captivated the gaming community with its exciting content. One of the newest features in the game is add-ons, which are powerful improvements to your character's abilities. In this guide, we'll explain what add-ons are in Fortnite and how to activate them.

What are Fortnite add-ons?

Add-ons in Fortnite can be considered improvements to your character's attributes or skills. They offer a wide range of bonuses, such as increased movement speed, increased weapon accuracy, increased damage, additional health regeneration, and more. The exact bonus you get depends on the type of augmentation you choose - there are currently six different types available in the game: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Strength, Perception, and Willpower. Each offers unique bonuses to help you gain an advantage over other players in PvP matches or make PvE missions easier.

How Do Fortnite Augments Work?

Fortnite augments work by providing players with additional abilities and benefits that will help them in battle. For example, some augments may increase the character’s health or shield points, while others may give them an edge when dealing damage or taking cover. Players can also combine multiple augments to create a more powerful effect on their character’s stats.

How To Activate Augments In-Game

How To Activate Augments In Fortnite

Activating augmentation items can be done through several methods depending on which platform you're playing on:

• PC & Mac – Players who use either PC or Mac computers can simply right-click an item to open up its menu, where they'll find an option labeled "augment." Clicking this option will bring up a list showing all available augmentation options for that specific item and their respective costs in materials and experience points (XP). Selecting one will apply it immediately while removing any previously existing ones from that particular gear piece and refunding any spent XP back into your account balance – allowing you to apply further augmentations if needed later down the line!

• Mobile Devices – For those playing via smartphones/tablets, activating augmentation items works slightly differently than it does for computer users; instead, here, players must first select an item from their inventory before tapping its icon at the top left corner – this brings up additional info about said gear piece including any potential upgrades currently equipped onto it (if applicable). From there, tap the “augment” button at the bottom center part, followed by selecting the desired effect from the list presented afterward – doing so confirms changes made by applying chosen superpower onto selected equipment instantly without needing to spend anything else other than time spent doing so!

• Console Systems – Finally, console users should navigate towards the Inventory tab under Character Menu, making sure to place focus on desired weapon/tool before pressing the Square (on PS4)or X (on Xbox One) buttons bringing forth a list showcasing possible upgrades along with associated costs involved when equipping them – once again simply select whichever effect seems best-suited situation confirming change made straight away granting instant access newly added superpower(s)!

Some examples of the different types of effects that can be activated with the add-on

different types of effects that can be activated

  • Increased damage from weapons/objects;
  • Reduced weapon reload time;
  • Increased accuracy of weapon shots;
  • Improved mobility when using vehicles;
  • Increased shield regeneration rate;
  • Extra ammo for all firearms.


Augmenting your weapons/tools is now easier than ever thanks to recent updates made by Epic Games developers allowing players across multiple platforms to enjoy new benefits offered through these modifications without having to worry too much about spending extra resources when doing so– now go out their battle royale style show off newly acquired powers against opponents proving why were chosen champion amongst many others vying victory crown same time keeping safe whatever valuable rewards await end journey awaits… good luck everyone may have favor gods upon us today tomorrow beyond!

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