Amelia Wilson 2022-03-09 14:30

YouTube Reveals Upcoming Channel Analytics Updates

YouTube has teased a bunch of upcoming analytics options for creators. According to the video hosting, the features are currently in development and will join a larger package of updates that are aimed to help creators improve their performance significantly better. Read on for further details. 

Still Competitive

Monetization has become one of the most important aspects for YouTube as it’s a huge advantage in the competition with TikTok. TikTok is definitely a leading platform in terms of growth rate at the moment, but it doesn’t offer such a profitable monetization model to its creators. Due to this, average creators and celebrities can generate higher profits on YouTube.

YouTube’s strategy is to emphasize this advantage by introducing more analytics tools and attracting more attention to the platform to retain its top-video-platform status. 

One of the teased new features allows channel owners to monitor the performance of each content stream separately. This includes separate tabs for the main channel, Shorts, live streaming, posts, and more. An important insight provided by the feature highlights the overlap between the audience of each format. That’s a great opportunity to learn what content efforts are the most efficient. Besides, the data will clearly show that short TikTok-like clips are great for engagement, but the traditional long formats are much more efficient for money-making. 

Promising Upgrades

It seems that YouTube has a big chance to outrun TikTok this time unless the second implement any significant changes to its payment model. Do you think YouTube’s efforts will work out or not? Why? Let’s chat about it in the comments below and share this piece with YouTube creators you know to inform them.

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