YouTube App was designed by Google LLC, especially for mobile devices. This application allows you to watch your favorite videos and listen to your preferred tracks. The app has more than 5,000,000,000 downloads, which is a very high level for the applications of a kind. Most of the reviews are very positive.


The interface of the application is very close to that of the desktop version. However, the developers did their best to make it even more friendly. If you are an ordinary YouTube user, you will have no problems in familiarizing yourself with it. 


What are the main features of this application? You can find all your favorite videos very fast. The Home tab includes personal recommendations. Another great feature allows you to search for the latest from your favorite channels. All videos that you have watched and liked on the Account tab are available here.

Apart from looking at videos, you can like them and share them with your friends. There are also comments opportunities. YouTube is a very functional web app. Here you can not only watch the videos but also upload your ones. If you have something to share with others, you can easily do it here.

Why should you start using this application? YouTube is a great place for videos to watch and to share. However, you can find it uncomfortable to use its browser version on your mobile devices. YouTube App offers you this great opportunity to benefit from the most popular service features by using a special application, designed for mobile devices.


What is the main purpose of the application? YouTube is not another app for your business. It is a source of unlimited entertainment. You will spend a lot of time there by listening to your favorite tracks and watching various videos. 


The application is compatible with all types of mobile devices. You can use it with the most popular mobile platforms, including iOS and Android. The users can connect it to their YouTube accounts. This will give you an opportunity to get connected to all the data that you have in your main desktop YouTube account.


YouTube App was created for all fans of this famous video streaming service. It is available for free via Google Play and App Store. You don’t need to pay for the service.


  • Use your favorite website without limitations
  • YouTube App allows you to watch, like, share, and upload
  • This application offers a very simple and intuitive interface
  • The software allows you to interconnect all your YouTube compatible devices.


  • There are many ads for free accounts
  • Users report bugs and technical issues.
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