Zachary Davis 2022-02-17 18:20

Microphone Bug Gets Fixed in Zoom

Zoom has recently released an update that fixes a bug reported by macOS users. With Zoom 5.9.3, your microphone won’t stay on when you have left a meeting; the update is expected to benefit macOS Monterey users.

Owners of macOS Monterey devices started complaining about the bug in December 2021. The sign that told them something was wrong with their Zoom was the orange-colored recording indicator in the device’s Control Center. This indicator is an important privacy feature that lets you know that your microphone is active. That is, it enables you to spot suspicious application activity and make sure your data doesn’t get captured when you don’t want it to. There’s no wonder the users who noticed the abnormal behavior hurried to report it.

The situation became further aggravated because it wasn’t the first time Zoom had been accused of compromising users’ privacy. In 2020, the company was found to offer no end-to-end encryption contrary to its self-representation, which raised concerns on a large scale.

Some time after the bug was reported, a representative of the company acknowledged its existence, stating that the orange indicator would sometimes stay on even after a meeting or conference was over. The same representative noted that the late-January fix, 5.9.3, would solve the problem. Initially, version 5.9.1 was expected to be free of the bug, but it appears that there were users for whom it didn’t work. Your Zoom will find the update automatically on your clicking the Search for Updates button.

Zoom insists that the bug did not result in audio data being transferred to the platform; rather, it only affected the indicator. Did you notice the microphone bug yourself? How do you feel about it? Let’s share our vision in the comments.

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