Grace Williams 2022-03-02 12:40

Apple Unveiled Its Game Console Concept

Rumors that the global tech giant is planning to release a portable game console have been around for quite some time. However, there has been no confirmation until recently. Finally, the company has officially published the concept of its future gadget, which, apparently, should be a powerful competitor to Nintendo Switch.

Apple Arcade Pro (the preliminary name of a device) looks like an iPhone with two notches instead of one. It is planned that the console, following the rest of Apple devices, will have a durable case with flat edges made of stainless steel. Arcade Pro, like Nintendo Switch, will need to be held horizontally, so the controls will be located on the sides. The functions of buttons will change depending on which game will be running. The volume buttons will be located on the rim as usual, only now not next to each other, but at different shoulders.

The camera of the future device also attracts attention. Instead of Apple's latest cutting-edge camera, you'll see two iPhone X-like lenses here. Between them will be a LiDAR sensor that provides access to the AR experience. Thanks to the A15 chip, the console will be able to support AAA projects and give a new round of development for the Apple Arcade service. Taptic Engine will receive an update that will improve haptic gaming.

It is planned that Apple Arcade Pro will be not only a game console but also a standalone device for viewing streaming services. A Gravity Stand will allow you to conveniently place your gadget in any place that suits you and enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows. While Apple has been pretty detailed about the upcoming console, it's not clear if it will have a SIM tray and support cellular services.

We think the release of such a gadget is an excellent idea. As part of the concept, it looks very successful. Whether it will be so in practice, time will tell. Would you buy a gaming console from Apple?

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