Amelia Wilson 2020-10-01 11:00

How to Unlock Hidden Anniversary Rewards in Fortnite

 There is more to Fortnite than fighting to be the last one standing. Fortnite has always been an exploring adventure, with its world concealing much more than one could expect. No wonder that to a curious eye, Fortnite unlocks more of its treasures than to those who came to simply run and fight. As this is an anniversary season, there are more of them than ever in 2020.

During the current season, Epic has (as usual) updated both the map and the gameplay, adding more gimmicks to discover. For example, this time, it’s way easier to get rewarded with a new skin for free or get more XP. Let’s speak of other rewards you can have for free now. The following Fortnite tips and tricks are just about that.

  • Dance in front of Birthday Cakes. These are found all over the map. Now Fortnite delivers a good reason to dance!
  • Play Rocket League. If you have ever seen that automobile football, it’s hard not to get enchanted with it. Now it’s free to play; more than that, its challenges are rewarded in Fortnite as well.
  • Secret bunkers. Enter them, and you’ll get more from there.
  • Disarm traps on the island to get +20K XP.
  • If you have unlocked the Wolverine skin, it has more versions now, including the real-life Logan.
  • Link your Twitch to your Epic account and get new skins for free. There are lots of them this week, and your redesigned character will look really fantastic.
  • PlayStation Plus subscribers can get their special Celebration Pack for free. It includes a redesigned pickaxe, a wrap, a banner, and a set of emoji.
  • More Marvel skins are on their way, but probably they will only be available to those with Battle Pass. Some of them, though, may only be obtained through completing challenges (like it was with Wolverine).
  • A character whose name starts with a C will get a fireball throwing ability. Some inside information suggests it will be Captain Marvel. But we’re not sure yet.
  • A new Mythic weapon is coming. It’s Uzi-styled, fast shooting and powerful.

Some of these rewards, as you see, only require luck. Others can be received through action, so you may need more pro tips for Fortnite to up your game and improve your skill. Finally, the Battle Pass is still just as attractive as before, delivering new challenges, new skins, new style, and all the stuff we love it for.

Don’t forget to give more time to Fortnite this anniversary time. Some challenges and rewards of these days will never be available again. So spend more time on the island starting from now!



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