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The Best Disaster Games on Roblox

It’s a sort of disaster time now, and no wonder it inspires game developers on Roblox. This platform is very developer-friendly, offering tools for game making, but at the same time, it suffers from low-quality games. So, it will be a real disaster (call it flood, zombie apocalypse, or whatever), unless you have a good guide through the best Roblox disaster games.

Natural Disaster Survival

Not only is it one of the best disaster games, but one of the best Roblox games of all genres rated 90%. The disasters in this game are rather local, as you are locked in a hall or on a small polygon with other players. But the troubles you need to get through differing from sudden attackers to a tornado or the floor that is literally lava.

A single game doesn’t take much time. It’s rather a casual one than an apocalyptic saga. Yet the gameplay is fun, and the environment that can be both hostile and friendly is used very wisely.

Survive the Disasters!

It’s also a round-based game where you need to survive the disasters. Some of them are not what you might expect: say, predicting fire is a hard business. The same is with ambushes and other trials the game has for you.

You don’t need to be the sole survivor: it’s enough to make it until the disaster backs down and appear among those lucky few. It also lets you earn some rewards for your Roblox accounts. The gameplay is immersive, and its 90% rate is quite deserved.

Survive the Disasters! 2

The sequel of the previous title is rated 88% – just a little lower than the original. But it looks completely different – rather like a Wipeout show than the natural disaster. The trials you are to go through look way more artificial and directed than natural, and the game itself seems easier.

As for a Roblox game, it’s very cutely designed. In addition, it has a level system, daily rewards, and all the stuff the bigger online games are into. If you like the first one, the second is definitely worth a try.

Disaster Simulation

What makes Disaster Simulation one of the best apocalyptic games Roblox offers is that it’s rather a sandbox in apocalyptic decorations. Use a flamethrower or a fire extinguisher, a rocket launcher or a tornado sim to set the town on fire or save yourself from it. Some dangers come by themselves, like zombies or meteorites.

The rules are not explained in the intro, so you have to figure them out yourself. It may take some time, but, given how well the game is designed, it will not be wasted. It’s only rated 76%, but it’s still way above the average.

CHERNOBYL – The Night of the Disaster

Inspired by the TV series as well as the real event, this is one of the most impressive natural disasters Roblox can recreate. Given its limited visual capability, the recreation of Chernobyl is really great (except for signs written in English, but it’s an acceptable condition). You try to survive this disaster – a technogenic rather than a natural one but based on true events. It’s rated solid 85% – high enough for a disaster game.

There’s Never Enough Disaster

Which of the Roblox disaster games did you like the most? Did you try any of these reviewed above? Maybe you can recommend more? Name them in the comments if you please.


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