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Mastering Hanya's Support Role: A Guide to Optimal Builds in Honkai: Star Rail

For those delving into the vast universe of Honkai: Star Rail, finding the right builds for your characters can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Hanya stands out as the first 4-star Physical Harmony support unit, bringing a unique set of abilities to the table. Her power and utility can be maximized with the right equipment and strategy, allowing her to boost her allies on the battlefield significantly. Here, we unlock the potential of Hanya by exploring her best build options, including recommended Relics, Light Cones, and skill prioritization.

Hanya's Support Essentials: Relics and Stats

Hanya's Support Essentials Relics and Stats

Hanya shines brightest in her role as a team enhancer, and her build reflects that niche with a focus on speed (SPD) and skill efficiency rather than raw offensive power. Here’s how to equip her for success:

  • Relic Sets: The Hackerspace set is her bread and butter, empowering her with the ability to buff her team's capabilities further and boost her own SPD. Alternatively, a combination of Hackerspace (2PC) and Shooting Meteor (2PC) can provide a balanced augmentation to her abilities.
  • Key Stats: Prioritize HP% and DEF% to ensure Hanya's sustainability on the frontline. SPD stat is crucial as well, enabling her to buff allies right at the start of combat, maximizing their damage output.

Lighting the Way: Hanya's Light Cone Choices

The strategic choice of Light Cones for Hanya can make a significant impact on her effectiveness in battle:

  • Meshing Cogs: This 3-star Light Cone is particularly potent when it comes to energy regeneration, granting Hanya 8 Energy for each encounter she is involved in, either offensively or defensively.
  • Alternative Options: Should you desire bonuses like Advance Forward or Break Effect, there are other Light Cones to consider. However, for energy regeneration, Meshing Cogs remains a premium selection.

Strategic Skill Utilization and Trace Priorities

When it comes to leveling up Hanya’s abilities, there’s a specific order that will optimize her effectiveness:

  • Ultimate First: Level up Hanya's Ultimate, as it is the core of her buffing capabilities.
  • Talent Next: Her Talent is up next in priority as it directly increases her allies’ ATK consistently throughout the engagement.
  • Skill Last: Her skill can be left at a lower level initially since the SP generation does not scale with the level.

Maximizing her Ascension Traces early on can amplify her abilities significantly, while for her minor Traces, SPD enhancements should be sought first and foremost.

Utilizing Hanya’s Unique Abilities

Crafting the Perfect Astral Judge

Hanya's skill set allows her to imprint enemies with Burden, which enhances the damage of allies' attacks against them. Her Ultimate goes further by adding an additional layer of ATK buff. To take full advantage of this dynamic effect, ensuring Hanya acts early in a round can secure an advantage that could dictate the outcome of a battle. Meticulously plotting out each move with Hanya at the forefront can deliver a substantial impact against your adversaries and support your team’s journey through the stars.

Crafting the Perfect Astral Judge

In the cosmos of Honkai: Star Rail, Hanya fulfills a distinctive role that, with the correct build, can fortify your roster's might. By aligning her relics, Light Cones, and abilities with her inherent strengths, she transforms from a figure of authority to a pivotal asset in your interstellar squad. Her kit may seem complicated at first glance, but once mastered, her ability to enhance her comrades is unparalleled. Step aboard your starship with Hanya at the helm of your support group, and watch as your team becomes an unstoppable force under her empowering influence.

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