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Hogwarts Legacy Handbook: Essential Strategies and Techniques for Aspiring Wizards

Hogwarts Legacy Handbook: Essential Strategies and Techniques for Aspiring Wizards
We've compiled a handy guide with vital tips designed to enhance your Hogwarts Legacy experience, allowing you to navigate the game efficiently.

Rest assured, our guide doesn't reveal any story secrets, so feel free to peruse it even if your adventure hasn't commenced yet – prepare to embark on an enchanting journey!

1. Maximize your experience on your unique inaugural day at Hogwarts, for it happens only once

professor weasley hogwarts legacy game screenshot

The first tip on your magical journey comes from Professor Weasley (indeed, from that notable Weasley lineage). Upon arrival, this guidance encourages thorough exploration of the castle's every hidden corner. Upon entering the school, Deputy Headmistress Weasley will hand you the Hogwarts Field Guide, an essential compendium for cataloging discovered locales, items, abilities, and inventory within Hogwarts Legacy. Advancement in the game hinges on gaining experience levels, and a swift means to amass early experience is collecting Field Guide pages scattered throughout the castle, Hogsmeade, and the surrounding regions.

Securing most of these pages involves using the Revelio charm; however, additional spells like Accio, Confringo, or Levioso might be needed for others. These spells become available as the narrative progresses, so revisit various locations and interact with items that glow blue under the Revelio enchantment. A handy tip: pay attention to the sound of a bell, as it signals a concealed secret in the vicinity.

2. Tread the trail of the great wizard Merlin

Hogwarts Legacy wizard Merlin

He was the most celebrated wizard of all time for good reason. As an alum of Hogwarts, Merlin's indelible mark can be discovered throughout the Hogwarts grounds. His heritage lives on through elemental challenges scattered across the land. Players may shatter objects, guide fireflies to designated stones, or hurl massive rocks to sink them into earthen cavities. The rewards yielded by these trials justify the challenges faced. Particularly crucial are the equipment inventory slots — both highly scarce and remarkably valuable, they signify the most significant revenue stream within the game.

3. Be prudent with your ships; they will be necessary in the future

hogwarts legacy magic store

While it might seem like trivial guidance, the reality is quite the opposite. In the world of Hogwarts Legacy, money is, for the most part, a limited resource until the final stages and is critically essential for advancement. You will encounter vendors with steep prices, which could be deemed excessive; however, there are some essential items that you will need to acquire, such as seeds for planting and spells for summoning. These are vital for transforming the Room of Requirement into an autonomous hub that produces valuable gear for your adventures, including potions and plants for combat scenarios.

Selling off old gear is the most efficient method for accumulating wealth. You should prioritize selling items by their color rarity—starting with green, followed by blue, then purple, and finally, orange. Each category represents an increase in value. Therefore, you'll be forced to discard items of lesser value if you do not have enough space during a quest (which underscores the significance of completing Merlin's Trials).

What's advantageous about the seeds and spells is that they require a one-time purchase. Subsequently, you can perpetually produce them within the Room of Requirement using opals.

Watch for the one-eyed chests that spring open upon detecting your presence for a rapid influx of funds. Employ the disillusionment charm to approach and stealthily secure the 500 coins each contains. If you have yet to learn that spell, an invisibility potion is an effective alternative.

4. Magical combat is a ballet of hues

hogwarts legacy magical combat screenshot

Fighting is an integral aspect of Hogwarts Legacy, and although it starts relatively simple, adversaries will quickly ramp up in challenge and become more adept at thwarting your spells. Certain foes will wield a constant protective enchantment that repels your magical attacks unless you cast a counterspell in the same color category as the shield. For instance, spells like Accio or Depulso should be used to shatter a dark wizard's purple barrier, while a yellow shield is best tackled with Levioso or Arresto Momentum. Nonetheless, the Transform spell is a particular standout, capable of turning an enemy into a volatile barrel that can eliminate an additional target when used tactically.

Be on the lookout for creatures with specific vulnerabilities to certain spells. The game is rife with spiders, and the most effective strategy against them involves combining regular attacks with fiery spells such as Incendio or Confringo. Trolls may appear daunting, yet Flipendo allows you to turn their clubs against them, inflicting substantial harm.

Remember to consider the strategic benefits of using plant-based defenses learned in herbology class. Deploying Chinese Chomping Cabbages, Mandrakes, and Venomous Tentacula can prove invaluable in tricky situations against hordes of adversaries or formidable beasts like Acromantulas or Trolls. Keeping a hefty stash of these botanical assets on hand is wise.

5. Your closest allies? The broomstick and the locking charm

hogwarts legacy broomstick ride

In the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy, flying on a broomstick is the principal mode of transportation for witches and wizards. While Floo Powder allows for quick travel, akin to a fast-travel feature, you must first discover and unlock the various destinations often situated at considerable distances. Fortunately, broomsticks are readily available to come to our aid. The local shop in Hogsmeade offers a selection of broomsticks priced at 400 coins each. Once you procure one, navigating the game becomes significantly more efficient. A broomstick enables you to soar directly to your intended location and even allows for safe passage over hazardous areas like the Forbidden Forest and the mountainous regions. However, be mindful that broomstick flight is prohibited within the bounds of Hogsmeade and inside Hogwarts Castle, necessitating alternative methods to access certain areas. Might the spell Alohomora be the key we seek?

The spell Alohomora serves to unlock magical barriers, and it's acquired by completing a side quest for the Hogwarts caretaker, Mr. Moon. Collecting a specific item in the game makes it possible to enhance this spell to unlock higher-tier level two and three locks. To achieve this upgrade, look out for statues of Demiguise and ensure that you collect them under cover of night (you can alter the time of day from the map menu).

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