Amelia Wilson 2022-04-11 14:30

YouTube Music New Explore Section Might Put Explore Tab Out of Business

The famous YouTube Music streaming service is mindful of the ever-changing and evolving needs of its audience and, therefore, seeks to tweak the functionality of its application to make it friendlier for the user and more capable of challenging the main rivals like Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify. Some of those changes are relatively small and aimed primarily at giving the platform a little more gloss, while others can massively influence the way people interact with the app.

Enabling people to search for and find content with ease and convenience is an essential feature of every music streaming service (or any streaming service, in general). It is the essence of the Explore tab, which the popular on-demand music website introduced in April 2020. It seems, however, the company has just launched a new content discovery option that will make the Explore feature a bit useless.

There’s now a brand-new YouTube Music Explore section at the bottom of the “Home” feed that does the exact same thing as the dedicated tab. The purpose of the novel feature is to offer users a single, handy destination for discovering content like new album releases, music charts, most popular new songs, Moods & Genres.

To avoid confusing users with two identical content exploration options and provide them with a more streamlined experience, YouTube is likely to ax the redundant dedicated tab altogether. The rumor has it that the company is turning its attention to another form of media content: podcasts. YouTube has been looking into these since last year, and we already know that there are plans for a dedicated Podcasts tab in the future.

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