Amelia Wilson 2022-04-25 16:10

YouTube Music Gets New Smart Downloads Look

The YouTube Music app has updated its appearance with a small but very notable tweak. The change is already available with version 5.02.50 of the app for Android. Read on to learn what the change is and whether it makes the app better or not. 

Tiny & Notable

As you may remember, YouTube Music Smart Downloads have been available since 2019 to let you listen to your favorite tracks when there’s no access to the web. The latest update changes the way the icons of this tab look. The new icon looks like sparkle and gives up the lightning bolt image, which doesn’t make it more usable, but slightly refreshes the look of the app. Researchers say that this tiny update is just a first step that indicates the start of a long list of updates planned by Google. 

To use Smart Downloads, you need to enable them in the settings first. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to Settings;

  2. Find Library and Downloads;

  3. Set up the number of songs you want the app to download for you every now and then;

  4. Make sure your device has over 40% of battery and is connected to the Internet;

  5. Voila! Now your YouTube Music app will refresh the list of your favorite songs stored on your device. It means that you will wake up with a new playlist every morning.

Now you will receive a notification every time your playlist starts to update in the background mode. As for the manually downloaded tracks, they will all be marked with a tick in a circle and won’t be replaced by newly downloaded tracks. 

2 More Things

In addition to the update described above, Google is rolling out a reworked Radio Algorithm that is now capable of showing more available artists simultaneously. There are also rumors that YouTube is soon adding a brand new podcast home screen to take on Spotify and Apple, which are currently the biggest podcast broadcasters. How do you like the updates, by the way? What else are you expecting from Google? Tell us about it below and share the news on social media.


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