Zachary Davis 2023-10-09 06:30

X Embarks on a New Revenue Journey: Three-Tiered Premium Subscriptions

The tech giant 'X,' formerly Twitter, is on a bold journey. Amidst declining advertising dollars following Elon Musk's controversial takeover last fall, X has conceived a responsive strategy. According to CEO Linda Yaccarino in her recent brief to X debt holders, the company strategically plans to convert its existing $7.99 Premium subscription into a three-level plan: Basic, Standard, and Plus.

The new model, already referenced in the X app's code by @aaronp613, exhibits a bespoke approach to ads. The 'Premium Basic' plan would carry the full ad load, 'Premium Standard' offers half the ads, while 'Premium Plus' subscribers will relish an ad-free experience. This endeavor seems to reposition the existing premium plan as the mid-value option, offering customers the choice to control half of the ad visibility, though specifics concerning features such as the blue Verification mark remain unclear.

However, the journey to this revenue model hasn't been without tumult. Elon Musk's takeover and his allegedly unlawful acquisition of shares ahead of the acquisition has seen the platform become disconcerting to advertisers. Unsettled by their ads appearing next to hate-speech and pro-Nazi content, major brands withdrew their campaigns, contributing to X's U.S. ad revenue decline of up to 60% in August compared to the previous year, as reported by Reuters.

CEOs' divergent statements have also sparked confusion about the company’s direction. Yaccarino’s disoriented answer at the Code Conference on Musk's plan to charge everyone on the platform and their discrepant statements on figures of daily active users and posts have raised eyebrows on their alignment of goals and objectives.

In conclusion, X's move to redesign revenue generation around a tiered subscription model exhibits an innovative alteration to appease declining advertising dollars after Musk's takeover. Nevertheless, the company's future stability and the success of this model will mostly depend on their consistency and unity in their strategic vision and effective execution. Although challenges lie ahead, X seems hopeful for its future as a self-sufficient ecosystem, setting its pathways with unique and customer-centric strategies.

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