Amelia Wilson 2023-05-31 00:00

World of Warcraft's Dragon Riding Set to Soar in Older Zones with Expanded Mount Options

World of Warcraft (WoW) players will soon be able to fly dragons in previously restricted zones, including those in older expansions, as Blizzard Entertainment confirms updates to the dragon flight and dragon-riding features. This news follows the latest WoW expansion, "Dragonflight," which launched in April 2022.

The upcoming addition of dragon-flying options is expected to not only make gameplay more immersive but also add a new layer of exploration to the game for existing players. The concept of dragon-riding has earlier been restricted to a few specific zones and certain draconic mounts. However, Blizzard's latest confirmation has opened the door to expanded options for players.

Blizzard’s move to expand dragon flight capabilities mirrors the current player-driven culture of WoW. Players have long been requesting more flexibility in gameplay choices, especially in aspects such as mounts in older zones. As an MMO game with a 17-year history, it is essential that WoW caters to its fans’ desires for improvements and updates.

In addition to expanding dragon flight and riding features, Blizzard has previously admitted the visual appeal of the current dragons needs improvement. The game developers have been actively engaging with the WoW community to address these concerns and make the experience even more enjoyable for players.

This move by Blizzard to expand dragon flight and dragon-riding serve as a perfect example of a gaming company listening and responding to its players’ desires. By adding these new options, WoW improves its gameplay depth for existing players and adds an exciting new feature for any returning adventurers in Azeroth. Fans now eagerly await the release of this update as it enhances a key aspect of the WoW experience.

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