Amelia Wilson 2022-04-18 11:15

What's New Treyarch Will Offer Its Fans

Fans harshly criticized Call of Duty: Vanguard. They were most disappointed by the Zombie mode since it lacked variety. However, it's nice that Treyarch is aware of the problem and promises to make changes that will delight fans of the classic round-based gameplay.

The management of Vanguard Zombies claims that they are working on basic round-based Zombies. At the same time, they report that this work will take some time. The work will be carried out in various fields, including the design, implementation, and testing of round-based waves, fast travel mechanics, AI pathfinding, Wall Buys, Door Buys, etc.

The game's developers also report that improvements to The Dark Aether are underway. Now they are developing game content, writing scripts, and voicing them. As for the round-based pay, this option will take some time to return, according to Treyarch. The developers have also mentioned that the classic Shi No Numa map will be available soon.

Vanguard's next Zombie map will be complemented by brand new quests, a new area, a classic Flogger trap, a new Wonder Weapon Quest, as well as Electric Shock protection, updated Easter eggs, and a new Pack-a-Punch camouflage. The new plot of Dark Aether will be a pleasant surprise.

Black Ops Cold War 2020 will also be updated with new maps, multiform operators, and a diverse array of cosmetics.

New long-range firearms will be unveiled in the coming weeks. It can be used for Multiplayer, War Zone, and Zombies. The absolute favorite is the classic Black Ops remaster attached to a 6 by 6 rotation.

The next step will be the release of new melee weapons for use in Multiplayer games, War Zones, and Zombies mode.

Tell us about your expectations from the Zombies mode. Are you happy with the changes made to the Vanguard? Let us know what you think in the comments below! 


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