Amelia Wilson 2022-04-11 17:30

Valve is Planning Steam Deck’s Future

Valve’s brand new gaming device has already been on the market for a while and Gabe is now ready to share some of his plans for the console’s bright future. The good news is that both folks who already have the console and are still waiting to open the treasure package should be ready for a load of upcoming stuff. 

Gaming Focus

As Valve says, it’s now celebrating Steam Deck's support of over 2 thousand playable titles. The company also promises to add many more games to the library very soon. New games are already being tested and reviewed by a limited number of community members. 


If you are using or planning to use your Steam Deck for multiplayer matches, you will be happy to know that BattlEye and Easy Anti-Cheat have finally received an easy path to port their apps to SteamOS. These are the largest services of a kind, so it’s a pretty large milestone for the company. 


The next cool fact is that Valve is working on providing full official Windows support. Moreover, the company confirmed that Windows 11 is officially coming to the gaming platform soon. The official release will be followed by the support of fTMP and a bunch of Windows audio drivers too. 

Unseen Efforts

Although the success of Steam Deck was questionable due to the difficulties related to making games playable, the company managed to encourage hordes of developers to collaborate and expand the library of playable titles by dozens a week. The chances are high that software improvements along with developers’ efforts will make Steam Deck a highly competitive platform with the right for a bright future on the market. The company states that the future is in the community’s hands. Such an open collaboration with gamers and developers is unseen. Have you already tested Steam Deck? What do you like/dislike about it and why? Let’s talk about the console in the comments. Don’t forget to share the great news with other gamers. 


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