Grace Williams 2024-01-05 06:15

Twitch revises policy on nudity: Explicit suggestion of nudity now prohibited

Twitch has recently been embroiled in ongoing disputes about the boundaries of nudity within its streaming community. As a workaround, content creators began obscuring their bodies with censorship bars to hint at nudity without displaying any explicit content. This tactic sparked controversy and prompted Twitch to respond with a definitive set of rules.

A clear policy update from Twitch has emerged, explicitly prohibiting implied nudity. According to the newly revised Attire Policy:

"Streamers are not allowed to be fully or partially nude, which includes showing genitals or buttocks. Streamers must also refrain from implying or suggesting nudity, which encompasses covering breasts or genitals with objects like censor bars. Outlines that imply the shape of genitals are also banned, even if the area is covered. It's important to note that streaming nude or partially nude minors is always banned, without exception."

The policy further specifies expectations for streams, requiring individuals identified as female to cover their nipples and avoid underboob visibility. However, cleavage is permissible within the confines of the policy, provided it's clear that clothing is being worn and nudity is not implied. Moreover, the policy mandates coverage from the midsection down to the uppermost part of the thighs for all streamers.

Twitch explains the rationale behind the new rules: to promote a safe, inclusive environment across its various communities, to provide unequivocal guidelines, and to ensure viewers have a viewing experience in line with their expectations.

In addition to these guidelines, Twitch is developing tools to blur thumbnails for content tagged with the Sexual Themes label. This is part of a broader initiative to empower users to tailor their viewing preferences according to content classification labels.


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