Amelia Wilson 2022-02-28 16:40

TikTok Released Trends Report for Marketers

The TikTok developers have made a great habit of releasing analytic reports showing the most requested trends over the past year. The latest 2021 edition was published recently. According to the Head of Marketing, Sofia Hernandez, this retrospective will help creators, brands, and influencers improve their strategy for the future.

The report is called "What's Next" and is a 35-page collection of fascinating information, statistics, the most used hashtags, and tips for promoting a wide variety of topics. A separate compilation has been released for each of the six regions in which TikTok is distributed. Inside you will find information on the following categories:

  • beauty routine;

  • entertainment;

  • food and beverages;

  • financial services;

  • gaming.

If your content belongs to one of these topics, you will definitely find useful information in the report. The authors even ensured that you get the most out of this data: they developed practical tips and pointed out what brands should pay attention to when making their strategy.

Two unique trends for this platform deserved special attention in the report. You can get acquainted with the first one with the TikTokMadeMeBuyIt hashtag, the driver of TikTok's e-commerce. Many users trust brands more when they find out about their products through this social network. In some cases, people purchased items they did not even intend to buy.

The second unique trend is audio (sounds and music) in the app. To promote themselves, companies and brands should create a unique sound to stand out from the crowd and sink into the clients' souls. Collaborations with musicians and artists are also a great step.

Thanks to this comprehensive report, you will be able to understand the needs of your target audience and the main directions in a particular region clearly and improve your strategy to match the trends. If you have already read this edition, please share your impressions. What new things have you learned for yourself?

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