Amelia Wilson 2021-12-23 15:35

PUBG Mobile has moved to Metro. Collaboration with Metro Exodus began

A crossover has begun between PUBG Mobile and Metro: Exodus. Together, the developers have created the Metro Royale mode, which will appear in the 16th season of the mobile battle royale PUBG Mobile.
Gamers will have to explore a new world of ruins, bandit camps, trenches and other unique objects. They will be located on the Erangel map.
PUBG Developer: "It is important for us that every gamer feels pleasure playing our game"
“The new mode is easy to get to: just click on the Metro Tunnel entrance in the menu to enter the Metro Royale game lobby. There you will find all the additional systems and functions, including the black market, equipment inventory, missions, talents, ratings and many other curious things, "- said the developers.

What's coming in Metro Royale mode

  • Unique combat mechanics
  • New equipment
  • Heavy armor with enhanced protection
  • Weapons from the Metro universe, including the Tihar rifle
  • Metro Monsters
  • Special vehicle for traveling on rails
Along with this, PUBG Mobile received a patch that reduces the size of the game by 70% on Android devices. The base game weighs in at 610 megabytes. Other materials can be downloaded in segments - gamers will be able to choose what they want to download.

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