Amelia Wilson 2022-04-13 17:35

Play Store to Hide Old Apps for Security

Many years have passed since the times when we reported about the immense number of Google Play apps. There are so many of them today, that there’s simply no need for such a number. So why not remove the old apps that no one needs anymore? It appears that Google thinks the same! Moreover, the company says that old applications that don’t receive updates are potential vulnerabilities! 

Taking the Rubbish Out

The thing is that abandoned apps don’t match the modern security requirements, which makes them potentially dangerous for users. According to the new Google Play rules, all apps must include an API that is not older than one version previous to the latest. But thousands of apps haven’t been updated for years! For now, the company won’t remove all the old apps forever but will make them invisible and impossible to download from the store until they comply with the rules. Fortunately, most Android apps are eligible to stay available. 


As for the apps that you purchased or installed for free before the new “law,” they will stay visible for you. Besides, you will be able to see all the old apps if you are not using one of the latest Android versions. For example, Android 9 Pie that uses API 28 will still display apps that must target API 28 to stay available. At the same time, Android 10 will hide these apps away. 

Simple Rationale 

As Google explains, it’s quite clear that owners of the newer Android smartphones expect advanced security and they receive it. At the same time, users of older devices still receive the level of security they initially paid for. Hopefully, developers will catch up with the new APIs to improve their customer safety on older devices as well. Do you think this initiative by Google will make Play Store a safer place to download apps? Why or why not? You can explain in the comments below and share this news with other users.


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