Amelia Wilson 2022-12-11 08:25

Now There’s an Easy and Reliable Way to Verify Your Age on Facebook

The huge social media platform recently announced that it is introducing a new feature that will allow users to verify their age using artificial intelligence face scanning, which Facebook acquired with the purchase of Meta in March.

This will provide a safe, easy and reliable way of verifying the age of its members who want to sign up for its dating service. According to Facebook, the process will use "state-of-the-art facial recognition technology" that will match user photos to official government documents to verify the user's age.

Facebook emphasizes that user photos will remain highly secure and will not be shared with third-party companies and that this verification system is not meant to replace existing safeguards, such as parental permission.

The facial recognition system will also be used to detect inappropriate photos or content posted to the dating service, in order to help keep members safe from predators and other risks inherent to online dating.

The face-scanning technology is not unique to Facebook, as other platforms have implemented similar policies, including Snapchat, which has used its own patented technology to scan user photos and detect potentially exploitative content.

The news of this new feature comes shortly after the launch of Facebook Dating, which allows users to connect with other singles and build relationships around the world.

It is currently available in select countries, but with the added safety of age verification, it could become much more accessible. We look forward to seeing how this technology will help make the Facebook Dating experience safer and more reliable for users everywhere.

How do you feel about the new method of age restriction that Facebook Dating has implemented? Do you think that it’s enough to stop young people from using the app? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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