Zachary Davis 2024-02-29 09:25

Next Battlefield’s Campaign Director Has Seemingly Left Ridgeline Games

In a surprising move that followed his significant involvement in developing the Battlefield series, Marcus Lehto, best recognized for his co-creation of Halo, has parted ways with Electronic Arts (EA). Initially brought on board in 2021 to helm a new studio in Seattle, Lehto was tasked with a critical role: to inject narrative depth and engaging storylines into the Battlefield franchise. This studio, later unveiled as Ridgeline Games, was on a mission to enrich the Battlefield series with better storytelling and character progression.

However, recent changes to Lehto's Twitter profile hinted at a shift, as references to Battlefield were conspicuously absent. This move sparked curiosity and concern amongst fans and was soon followed by Lehto's own confirmation on his Facebook page. He announced his departure from the position of VP and General Manager at Ridgeline Games, leaving many questions unanswered regarding the circumstances of his exit and the future direction of the Battlefield narrative campaigns.

As of now, neither Lehto nor Electronic Arts have elaborated on the reasons behind his departure or the impact it might have on the Battlefield series' narrative development projects. Despite this unexpected turn of events, the work on the next installment of Battlefield continues at DICE. Ripple Effect Studios is also diligently crafting a new Battlefield experience aimed to enrich the series' core gameplay. Moreover, Criterion Games, renowned for their work on Need for Speed, was reported last year to be lending their development expertise to the Battlefield franchise once again.

The gaming community is left to ponder what the future holds for the Battlefield series, especially in terms of its storytelling and narrative ambitions, in the wake of Lehto's sudden exit from Ridgeline Games.

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