Amelia Wilson 2022-03-30 15:30

New Details on Call of Duty Mobile Season 3: Radical Raid

Call of Duty Mobile Season 3: Radical Raid is already one of the most popular topics for discussions among players. While the game was announced only recently, it quickly turned into much-awaited entertainment. This time, the guest of the season is Snoop Dog.

According to the new announcement, the main theme will be the 80s. Considering all the facts that we have about this period, we must be ready for disco suits and high heels. Apart from the theme, Call of Duty officials said we can expect a totally new map, championship, more weapons, theme events, and new operators with Snoop Dogg as one of them. The season will be available next week. Developers say the game will contain improvements, as well as bundles, lucky draws, and seasonal challenges.

Activision has made an official announcement of the new season on the game’s blog. The new game goes live on April 1 for Android and iOS mobile platform owners. Apart from Snoop Dogg, the major entertainment in the game is the new Miami Strike map. Basically, it is a Miami map, just compact. You could check out this map in the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. The map is filled with numerous obstacles on your way, including buildings, cars, and alleys hidden from the sunlight. Players have already named this map one of their favorite places to start the fight.

Activision revealed that Snoop Dogg will be turned into a playable character. You have to take part in a lucky draw to be able to play a famous rapper. Together with Snoop Dogg, you will receive all the shiny accessories. You may want to take part in 2 main events of the season, Easter Battle Royale and Soldier’s Choice. Details about them will be revealed in the future.

Are you excited about the new season? Do you want to try the Snoop Dogg character in battle? Share your thoughts about new updates in the comments below.

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