Zachary Davis 2023-05-11 09:00

Marvel Snap's Latest OTA Update: Nerfs to Enchantress and Rockslide

Marvel Snap's newest over-the-air (OTA) balance patch has just rolled out, bringing with it some significant changes to two of the most popular and powerful cards in the game. Enchantress and Rockslide, both formidable four-cost cards, have had their power numbers reduced in an attempt to balance gameplay and address concerns regarding their dominance in the current meta.

The primary change in this OTA update is a nerf to Enchantress' power number. Previously, she boasted a power of six, which was already quite formidable, considering her unique ability to remove Ongoing abilities at her location. The recent update has seen her power decrease from six to five. This reduction may be surprising for some players since she had only received a buff a few weeks ago.

Rockslide, another popular card in Marvel Snap's meta decks, hasn't escaped this round of tweaks either. While specifics about the adjustments made to Rockslide haven't been detailed in the provided source, it's clear that his power number has also been reduced. This nerf aims to limit his overwhelming presence and impact on current decks.

These changes come as no surprise for avid Marvel Snap players who have witnessed these two cards dominate recent matches. By implementing these nerfs via an OTA update, developers hope to better balance gameplay and ensure that no single card becomes too overpowered or centralizing within the game's meta.

In conclusion, Marvel Snap's latest OTA update seeks to address concerns about two of the strongest cards in the game by reducing their power numbers. While it remains uncertain how these changes will impact overall gameplay and deck strategies moving forward, it's evident that developers are committed to maintaining a balanced and enjoyable experience for players by keeping close tabs on card performance within the ever-evolving meta.

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