Amelia Wilson 2022-02-21 13:45

Improve Your Instagram Activity With These Key Factors

Instagram is a big platform that has the potential to expand your influence worldwide. This time, the company shared with its users the key factors that help boost activity on the content you can post on the app.

Previously, Instagram has shown the overview of the factors that decide the ranking algorithm for the posts, Reels, and Stories. Now, you can inspect the tips from the developers about what details usually affect the reach of your post.

First of all, the app always keeps an eye on your activity. It helps the algorithm better understand what type of content you prefer and how much time you agree to spend on Instagram daily. This will adjust your feed exactly to your likings.

Interaction history is also important because it shows with whom you would like to establish connections, and so the algorithm can find more people you could engage with.

Information about the author and the post itself are the key factors when it comes to Stories and Posts. The app collects the data about what hashtags were used under the post, and how many people interacted with the author. These characteristics decide the overall popularity of the content you post.

Talking about Reels, they need their own approach. Even though most elements are taken from the previous list, for example, the activity of your account is still vital to the statistics, here the key point is how much time you spend watching the video and with what decide to interact.

Of course, Reels and author information is also required to connect all of the data and improve the recommendations the app has for you.

Despite these little tips, Instagram didn’t update us on the details of the actual algorithm work. Nevertheless, you can use this information to enhance your reach on Instagram.

Do you find these key factors helpful? What other insights would you like to see from the company? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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