Amelia Wilson 2022-03-28 22:30

Google Optimizes Search for Customers

Google updates the Search feature for the customers. Now you can connect with the most popular stores, based on the reviews from users. The most popular products will be revealed right away. While many users are excited about the news, others believe it is a violation of rights with Google choosing what you can or can’t buy.

Usually, we spend some time online before we make a purchase, searching for the best offers. We are trying to find helpful information about the product. Google is a handy tool for this. Many users rely on the revealed data, reviews from other customers, guides, and even comparisons. Yet, Google seems not really satisfied with everything it offers and wants to provide even more. The company works on a simplified mechanism of search. They improve the inner algorithms to provide users with products with the best reviews. The company believes it will allow you to choose only the best products for you.

Google wants to build a reliable system that will push up the products with better reviews and scores. It plans to provide more details about each product, including the inner details, benefits, specifics of work, and differences from similar offers. Reviews made by users on the products will be on top of the list. Based on them, Google will place the products. The better reviews, the higher the product is on the list.

Apart from that, the company wants to make its Search tool more advanced. It has already started the dynamic color themes testing in January. They also presented the dark shade on the dark mode for beta testers. Now they are planning to improve the experience for customers who search for products online.

Do you want to see the new search mechanism on Google? Do you believe it is more advanced? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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