Amelia Wilson 2022-03-21 09:30

Fortnite and Minecraft Top the List of World Popular Games

The list of the most popular games in the world was revealed. You may already know all the names there. Pokemon, Roblox, Minecraft, and Fortnite got on top of the chart.

Although games became one of the leading entertainments during pandemics, some titles are more popular compared to others. The total number of players significantly increased since COVID-19. The world is becoming more digital, and games take one of the leading places.

Popular franchises like Roblox, Pokemon, and Minecraft are well-known to everyone, no matter whether you played them or not. In the study based on Google Searches, the main attention is paid to geographical spread and the total number of searches made by players around the world. The most popular among the games is considered to be the Roblox platform.

The study was organized by the Student Beans organization. They calculated searches from around the world. Each country they count had Roblox as the top game in the searching results. The biggest number of Roblox searches belongs to the USA with 13.6 million users. Brazil has 7.5 million searches, while Canada reveals only 2.2 million.

Meanwhile, India’s numbers showed another winner, which is PUBG. Indian players searched for the shooter over 2.2 million times. Germany has another winner too. German people searched for Pokemon over 2.7 million times. As for Japan, this country is in love with Minecraft. Players there searched over 368K times for the game.

The secret of success for Roblox is that it is not one specific game, but multiple games of different genres. It contains all your favorite games and offers them either free of charge or for an affordable price. The number of games continues to increase on the platform.

Have you ever played Roblox? What is your favorite game there? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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