Amelia Wilson 2023-01-02 10:25

Factorio: A Game with Overwhelmingly Positive Reception and Millions of Sales

Factorio is a critically acclaimed strategy game that has been a hit with gamers since its launch in 2016. With over 3.5 million copies sold and 97% of positive reviews on Steam, it is no surprise that the game continues to be popular among gamers. Factorio's modding community also plays an important role in its success, with more than 40,000 copies sold on Nintendo Switch alone.

Main Part: Factorio has exceeded 3.5 million sales since its release. In February 2020, the developers announced that they had sold more than 3.1 million copies. Yearly sales have remained steady at around 500,000 despite never having been discounted. On top of that, the game also boasts a 97% positive rating from Steam players. The modding community also plays a crucial role in Factorio's success, with over 40,000 copies sold on the Nintendo Switch. 40% of those sales were in Japan, showcasing the game's global appeal.

Conclusion: Factorio's success is no surprise, given its overwhelmingly positive reception from gamers and its thriving modding community. With 3.5 million copies sold and 97% positive reviews on Steam, Factorio has proven itself to be a resounding success. It is no wonder that the game continues to be popular among gamers.

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