Grace Williams 2023-03-19 19:35

Ex-Blizzard Employees Create Action-RPG – Magic Soup Games Emerges

Two highly experienced game developers, Jay Wilson and Julian Love have recently joined forces and crafted a new game development studio, Gas Giant Games. In addition, another group of Activision Blizzard veterans has set up their own studio, and they are already working on their first game. This studio is called Magic Soup Games, and it is headed by Jen Oneal, J. Allen Brack, and John Donham. 

Jay Wilson is a veteran game developer who has been in the industry since 1996. He worked for Blizzard for seven years, creating games such as Diablo 3 and World of Warcraft. After suffering from professional burnout, he was let go from Blizzard, and at the new studio, he assumed the role of a design director. Julian Love, another Blizzard veteran, has experience in game development since 1996. He has worked on the third and fourth installments of Diablo, and at Gas Giant Games, he will be the creative director.

Jen Oneal, J. Allen Brack, and John Donham come from unique backgrounds. J. Allen Brack was CEO of Blizzard from 2018 to 2021 and stepped down due to a moral scandal. When he left, Jen Oneal, who sadly only lasted three months in the CEO role, and Mike Ybarra took over the reins. Oneal left the company due to the unequal treatment of women. The trio of Magic Soup Games is working on a new IP combining elements of action RPG and survival, and it will be available for PC and consoles.

Gas Giant Games and Magic Soup Games have both promised big things for the gaming industry. Wilson said that the new studio was meant to be a refuge for developers and that the team would apply their capabilities to new games and game genres that they are passionate about. This will excite many of their fans, as they have created some of the best action, RPG, and strategy systems the gaming industry has seen. 

In conclusion, the gaming industry is sure to be eager to see what comes from these two new studios – Gas Giant Games and Magic Soup Games. With experience and veteran knowledge, they certainly have the potential to bring forth exciting, new ideas. But until then, all that remains is to wait in anticipation for the reveal of their first projects.

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