Zachary Davis 2022-03-07 16:35

Airbnb Stops All Operations in Russia and Belarus

The Russian invasion of Ukraine doesn’t seem to extinct, neither do reactive sanctions of international governments and companies. This time, Airbnb CEO Bryan Chesky declared that the service is “suspending all the operations in Russia and Belarus.” Read on for more details on what this means for one of the largest accommodation companies.

Helping Out

First of all, Airbnb decided to support Ukrainian refugees who cross the border to save themselves from the Russian invasion. The company provided charge-free limited-time housing for 100,000 Ukrainian citizens who are in need. The initiative was implemented in collaboration with HIAS, which is analyzing the current Ukrainian situation and helps people who have to leave their homes because of the war. Besides, Twitter and Facebook users have found a way to support Ukrainians by booking stays on Airbnb without staying there. 

Escalating Pressure

Big tech companies from all over the world are facing more and more community calls to undertake more restrictive measures against Russia because the country doesn’t stop besieging Ukraine. For instance, social media networks are attempting to eliminate misinformation about the current war and protect the user community from hacker attacks that are on the rise right now. Here are some of the largest brands that introduced sanctions:

  • Apple stopped all sales in Russia and deleted propagandist apps from the App Store;

  • Meta & Reddit blocked Russian sta media channels;

  • Twitter labels state-affiliated media;

  • YouTube demonetized all Russian state-affiliated channels;

  • Google stopped selling ads in Russia. 

No Bookings & Reservations

All Russian and Belarus users can’t make bookings or reservations using Airbnb. The option is suspended until further notice. What is your opinion about this restrictive measure? Let’s chat about it in the comments and don’t forget to share the news with friends.

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