Amelia Wilson 2023-03-20 10:50

How to Change Your Xbox Gamertag: A Comprehensive Guide

Changing your Xbox gamertag is a simple process that can be done in just a few steps. Whether you're using an Xbox Series X/S, an Xbox One or an Xbox 360, the steps are similar and easy to follow. In this guide, we'll show you how to change your gamertag on all three systems so you can start playing with a new identity today!

Step 1: Access the Change Your Gamertag Page on Any Browser 

Access the Change Your Gamertag Page on Any Browser

The first step for changing your gamertag is to access the Change Your Gamertag page on any browser. Here, you'll be able to enter your new gamertag and check its availability before making it official. 

Step 2: Sign in With the Appropriate Microsoft Account 

Sign in With the Appropriate Microsoft Account

Once you're at the Change Your Gamertag page, sign in with your appropriate Microsoft account that's associated with your current gamertag. This will ensure that any changes will affect only one account, not multiple accounts associated with different gamers. 

Step 3: Enter the New Gametag and Click Check Availability 

Xbox Gamertag Check Availability

After signing in with your appropriate Microsoft account, enter the new gametage of choice into the field provided and click “Check Availability.” If successful, then congratulations – you have successfully changed your XboxGamers tag! If unsuccessful (meaning someone else has already taken it), try adding numbers or symbols after it until something unique pops up available for use as yours!

Step 4: Click "Change Gametage" 

Click "Change Gametage"

Once satisfied with a name that hasn't been taken yet by anyone else out there online playing games through their respective consoles - click "Change Gametage." This finalizes everything, which now should reflect across all platforms when logged into via various accounts related together under one main umbrella type of deal.

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