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Unfolding Constellations: The 10 All-Time Rewarding Side Quests in Starfield

As large and expansive as the universe itself, Bethesda's Starfield has quickly become the go-to sandbox for gamers seeking an immersive interstellar experience. Among the plethora of attractions, the side quests in Starfield have their unique charm, offering compelling stories and rewards that often outshine the main storyline. In this guide, we unravel the ten most rewarding side quests that you cannot afford to miss in your galactic adventure.

1. The Mantis Encounter

The Mantis Encounter

Begin your side-quest journey with The Mantis side quest. Acquired from a note found on random Spacers, this side quest takes you to the ancient, mysterious Denebola I-B system. Here, you will explore the secretive Lair of the Mantis. You will unravel the illustrious story of a long-lost vigilante while being rewarded with a legendary spacesuit and the Razorleaf — a legendary spacecraft.

2. The Intrigue of First Contact

Indulge in the intriguing narrative of First Contact. Nudged off from the Porrima System's orbit, this quest introduces you to a curious group inside an Unidentified Ship. Navigate through a series of complex dilemmas and earn a whopping 6500 credits, 300 experience points, and a Modified XM-2311 to add to your arsenal.

3. Navigating The Colander

The Colander side quest, available in New Atlantis's Last Hope Saloon, presents a more demanding challenge. Hunt down a notorious rogue named The Colander and walk away with a plethora of high-value items, including some of the game's best weaponry.

4. Engaging in Groundpounder

Engaging in Groundpounder

Experience high-octane action in the Groundpounder side quest at the Altair System. Respond to a distress call, engage in an intense firefight, collect loot, and earn the formidable Peacekeeper rifle, a necessity for every serious player.

5. Immerse in the Tourists Go Home

Experience the local culture on Titan, Saturn's moon, in the Tourists Go Home side quest. Personify a local monster to bring misbehaving tourists to their senses, and win the very costume you wore as your unique reward.

6. Run The Red Mile Challenge

Test your mettle in the Run The Red Mile side quest on Porrima 3. Prove your worth by eliminating formidable enemies and surviving the ordeal, and walk away with the powerful Brute Force shotgun.

7. Uphold the Honor in Leader Of The Pack

Uphold the Honor in Leader Of The Pack

The Leader Of The Pack task in Akila City will keep the snipers on their toes. Cooperate with Davis Wilson, defend the city from alien threats, and earn the coveted Despondent Assassin sniper rifle, 4800 credits, and 100 experience points.

8. Reclaim the Past in Red Tape Reclamation

At Mars's Cydonia, play the hero in Red Tape Reclamation. Retrieve stolen mining equipment with the gentle art of persuasion and earn the complete Deimos set along with precious resources.

9. Venture into Operation Starseed

Delve into the unique narrative of Operation Starseed on Charybdis 3. Interact with society leaders cloned from historical figures, make influential decisions, and win the chance to recruit Amelia Earhart into your crew!

10. Master the Burden Of Proof

Master the Burden Of Proof

The UC Vigilante houses your final challenge — the Burden Of Proof. Gather evidence, collaborate with Lieutenant Toft, make careful decisions, and walk away with the Memento Mori pistol.


Each side quest in Starfield presents a unique window into the depth and complexity of the game's vast universe. With a generous mix of intriguing stories and ample rewards, these ten quests offer an enriching experience to explore, strategize, and grow in Starfield's fascinating galaxy. Rise to the occasion, unravel the mysteries, and relish the bounty of rewards that awaits.

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