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Overwatch Season 4: Ranking the Best Supports for a Competitive Edge

In Overwatch Season 4, supports play a crucial role in maintaining the health and well-being of their team while providing valuable utility to gain an advantage over opponents. As a support player, it's essential to know which heroes are currently dominating the meta and which ones can help you climb the ranks. In this article, we've ranked the best support heroes in Overwatch Season 4, dividing them into S+ tier and A-tier categories.

S+ Tier Supports: The Game Changers

These support heroes are currently at the top of their game and can make a significant impact on your team's performance. Mastering these heroes will give you a competitive edge in Season 4.


Ana is known for her powerful healing capabilities and her ability to shut down enemy ultimates with her Sleep Dart. Her Biotic Grenade can amplify healing for her teammates while denying enemy healing, making her an invaluable asset in any team composition.


Kiriko excels at keeping teammates alive thanks to her strong single-target healing and damage mitigation abilities. Her Barrier Boost can shield allies from incoming damage, while her Healing Ray provides consistent healing over time. Moreover, Kiriko's ultimate ability can revive fallen teammates, turning the tide of battle in your favor.

 KIRIKO Overwatch Season 4


Moira offers a balanced mix of healing and damage output, making her an excellent choice for players who want versatility in their support hero picks. Her Biotic Grasp alternates between draining enemy health and healing allies within its range, while her Biotic Orb can bounce around rooms providing area-of-effect (AoE) healing or damage depending on its mode.


Baptiste is a strong support hero with both healing and damage capabilities. His Biotic Launcher projects healing grenades for his teammates while also dealing consistent damage to enemies. His Immortality Field can be a game-changer in critical situations, preventing allies from dying and ensuring your team's survival during intense fights.

A-Tier Supports: Reliable and Effective

While not as dominant as the S+ tier heroes, these support heroes are still highly effective and can contribute significantly to your team's success.


Zenyatta is a versatile support hero who provides both healing and damage amplification for his team. His Orb of Harmony offers single-target healing, while his Orb of Discord increases the damage taken by an enemy. Zenyatta's Transcendence is ultimate can heal multiple allies at once, making it an excellent counter to enemy ultimates that deal massive AoE damage.

ZENYATTA Overwatch Season 4


Lucio is a highly mobile support hero who excels at providing consistent AoE healing or speed boosts to his teammates. His Sonic Amplifier can knock back enemies, providing crucial crowd control in certain situations. Lucio's Sound Barrier ultimately grants temporary shields to all nearby allies, offering valuable protection during crucial team fights.


Mercy is a classic support hero with strong single-target healing and resurrection capabilities. Her Caduceus Staff offers consistent healing or damage boost to her tethered teammate, while her Valkyrie ultimate enhances all of her abilities for a short duration. Although she may not be as dominant as other supports in Season 4, Mercy remains a reliable choice for players who prioritize focused healing over utility.

In conclusion, Overwatch Season 4 offers several viable options for support players looking to make a significant impact on their team's performance. By choosing and mastering the right hero, you can climb the ranks and dominate the competitive scene. Whether you prefer the game-changing abilities of S+ tier supports or the reliable effectiveness of A-tier heroes, there's a support hero for every playstyle and preference.

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