Tips for choosing bathroom accessories

Bathroom accessories are the great allies for the furnishing of this important room.

Bathroom accessories make the difference in the look of this room, as well as making life easier for us. We offer a series of tips that will help you with the choice of your bathroom accessories, taking into account the size, style and people who use them.

Bathroom accessories

A nice set of soap dishes and a glass to put the toothbrushes can improve the appearance of our bathroom.Β  In the market we find a wide variety of models, some original like the one shown below.

We recommend that if you have children at home do not opt for glass and porcelain accessories. They break easily. Plastic accessories, on the other hand, are resistant to children’s blows and last longer.

Hangers and towel rails

In many cases, we opt for a simple hanger that supports the towels without paying attention to aesthetics. From here we encourage you to go further and place a beautiful towel rail that will embellish your bathroom. We can find these accessories in a wide variety of materials and prices. At little price you can buy a nice set of towel rails, towel rails and hangers.

Both the hangers and towel rails are available in a wide variety of materials, so for sure someone will adapt to the style of your bathroom. They are made mainly of wood, chrome-plated metal or brass.

If you opt for a metal one, you should not buy a very cheap one as the poor quality ones will acquire an oxidized appearance over time. If our budget is low, it is better to choose plastic or wood.

Toilet accessories

Whatever the size and style of our bathroom, we always end up choosing a toilet roll holder and a white, classic and boring toilet brush. It’s very easy to choose a better option.

If our bathroom is very small, we should opt for a set that doesn’t take up much space, but doesn’t contrast with the style.

If on the contrary we have more space, a good option is to choose a set of one piece. It seems original to us and we can also find it in many styles.


We give you some ideas for having everything well organized while we decorate the bathroom.

Wicker baskets: of different colors and sizes, wicker baskets are an upward trend. To put on dirty clothes, towels or a medicine box. Its possibilities are endless and give our bathroom a cosy appearance. If your bathroom is not large, it may take too much space and is not the best option.

Shelves: In bathrooms with little space, shelves are a good option. Made of wood, plastic or metal, they are perfect for putting makeup or jars of gel, shampoo … We recommend those that have a corner shape. They have a perfect shape to take advantage of every corner.

Organizers for makeup: if we do not have space to put a dresser, are ideal these organizers of different sizes and shapes. Surely there is one that fits our makeup accessories. They are usually transparent and fit the shape of the drawer in which we keep it. Just open the drawer and you’ll have all your makeup in perfect order.

Other accessories

If you are very lucky and have space to sell, you can add other useful bathroom accessories such as a scale, a paper basket or other items with a decorative function.

One last piece of advice, look for harmony between all bathroom accessories. Make sure that they all have the same style or colour range if you don’t want to lose harmony. You should also think that an excess of accessories will not make day-to-day life any easier and will not beautify the bathroom. Only it will serve to create a pompous and chaotic environment.

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