Modern bathrooms: 3 designs you need to know about

The bathroom has now become one of the spaces in the house where the design offers interesting solutions. Here are sanitary reviews and 3 ideas for modern bathrooms not to be missed.

Currently, the bathrooms are designed with high quality materials, are more refined and designed for larger spaces. The layout of the wash basins and toilets has also been renovated. For this reason, today we will introduce you to some really interesting types of modern bathrooms that could perfectly match the needs of your home.

Thanks to new materials and resource processing technology, these environments are now available in a variety of styles. Often they include accessories and elements that recall other areas of the house. But let’s see 3 design ideas for your modern bathrooms right away.

New trends

Interior design is changing, driven by the need to find new aesthetic concepts and create compact spaces, where all the elements offer comfort and comfort, but without sacrificing aesthetics.

Both the shower and the walls are elements on which it is possible to work and that can make these bathrooms truly unique and interesting, from the point of view of beauty and practicality.

The freedom that a bathroom offers, when it comes to creating a specific design, is a very interesting component for those who want to decorate them. Therefore, knowing these 3 projects will be very useful for you to take cue and realize your personalized project.

Modern bathrooms with extra-fine ceramics

It is often believed that modern bathrooms should retain typical building materials. Such as ceramics, majolica, etc. However, there are other innovative materials that often, in addition to improving the appearance, also simplify cleaning operations:

Have you ever heard of extra fine ceramics? We are talking about vinyl tiles that offer very high strength. Their excellent durability is one of the positive aspects of interior decoration.

It is a material that offers a very strong texture, is easy to clean and offers different colour ranges. Three shades are most commonly used: neutral, blue and white.

The application of extra fine ceramic slabs is relatively simple and quick. If this material is used in a dark neutral tone, it is possible to create a contrast with white sanitary ware. At the same time, a shower covered with the same material can be supplemented by the presence of some green plants, which will create a feeling of freshness.

All this, without forgetting the ease of assembly and application offered by this product for decoration. Any accessory or element can blend very well with this type of ceramic.

Modern bathrooms: shower cubicle with transparent crystal

New trends have led to the production of new shower enclosures. It is no longer a question of hiding the person who is using it. On the contrary, the shower is seen as a decorative element, an elegant background that needs to be integrated into the space.

The panels can be of different sizes. However, to give a feeling of more space, you can use transparent glass, perhaps with a sliding door or an opening inwards or outwards. What are the advantages of using a shower enclosure with clear glass?

Modern bathrooms have more character. That is to say, they are an original resource, where privacy is of the whole bathroom and not only of the shower. For this reason, objects and internal materials are made visible.

The walls of the shower and bathroom can maintain uniformity in the type of material. But it is also possible to create contrasts by applying a different type of cladding.

Modern bathroom showers can be made even more elegant by the use of beautiful waterfall shower heads, which can be of various shapes and sizes.

Combination of marble and wood

The design of a bathroom is not only the result of the application of decorative elements that complete the space. In reality, it can also result from the right combination of materials. For example, marble and wood:

  • Better to use ochre or light brown marble, which fits perfectly in modern bathrooms. It is also a durable material, easy to clean and sparkling. It can also be installed as a shower tray.
  • To generate contrast with the marble, we recommend dark wood. In addition, it seems that the wood is a kind of continuation of the marble.
  • Wood can be used on all elements: the washbasin unit, the mirror frame, the shower floor, the shelves and towel rails. Without forgetting, of course, the door.
  • Using a shower enclosure with transparent crystal, you can always contemplate the materials and this splendid contrast created ad hoc with dark wood and light marbles.
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