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Minecraft is an arcade, created by Mojang. The game is available for various devices, including mobile platforms Android and iOS. It is very popular and has many positive reviews on Google Play and other web pages. 


What is the main idea of Minecraft? You are going to discover and explore new worlds and build various constructions from the smallest houses to the greatest castles. There are various modes that you can choose. In the creative mode, you have all the possible resources available to build everything you want. This type of game was designed especially for those who want to play their imagination at full pace.

For those who want to touch their nerves, there is another mode with a survival scenario. You will need to craft various weapons and create shelters to defeat your enemies called mobs. You can play alone or combine your efforts with your friends in a multiplayer game. The maximum number of live players is 4!

If you feel that the content you have already is not enough for you, you can visit the community and find multiple addons there. Look for more maps, skins, and textures provided by the gamers. There is always something interesting there that you will enjoy.


What does this game look like? In Minecraft, you are playing in a cubic world with primitive textures. They underline the unique style of this game. The textures are pixelized, but this is the main charm of this game. Moreover, you don’t need to have a modern PC to play it with the highest possible graphic settings. 

Lasting appeal

You can hardly find a person who can tell that he or she has managed to complete the game! Minecraft is the unlimited world of joy and tasks that you need to solve. The maps are created randomly, each time you are in, you have to start from the beginning. Various modes add to replay value. Minecraft is the product you will want to play again and again.


You will use tap controls if playing on your mobile device. Is it suitable and convenient? We can say that it definitely is! You can easily manage your character and control all the actions with a couple of taps. There are no control settings, but you don’t need them at all. 


Minecraft has many fans across the world. The game is very interesting and attractive. To start playing it, you need to buy this product via Google Play for $7.49.


  • Randomly created levels
  • Various modes, including multiplayer features
  • Plenty of items and weapons to use
  • Great stylized graphics
  • Easy and convenient controls
  • An unlimited number of worlds and missions.


  • You need to pay to play
  • Some players report bugs.
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