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Hangouts is a Google LLC product developed to compete with other messenger developers. The application allows you to send messages, conduct audio and video calls, exchange emotions using various smiles and emojis. Hangouts very popular among users across the world. It has more than 1,000,000,000 installs via Google Play only.


This application offers a very simple interface. You don’t need to be a professional user to find out how to start messaging using Hangouts. The only thing you need to do is to find contacts and start writing to them. The same is with the calls. The navigation system is also outstanding.


Hangouts was developed primarily to allow you to stay in touch with your relatives, friends, and colleagues. Apart from messaging features, you are able to conduct audio and video calls with your contacts. There are also group chats allowing you to add up to 150 members.

Hangouts offers various great opportunities to users. You can express your emotions using emojis, gifs, images, stickers, and other interesting features. You can turn any conversation into a group call and invite up to 9 participants to it.

Hangouts provides you with the opportunity to call any number you want. Those calls are paid, but if you contact users via Hangouts, this service is free. The application works together with voicemail and short messages. All chats can be easily synced across various gadgets working on Android, iOS, Windows, and other popular platforms.


What is this application for? The primary target of Hangouts is to provide you with the opportunity to stay in touch with your contacts whoever they are. You can use this app for both private and business purposes. Whatever goals you have, this software is free except those cases when you call mobile or landline phone numbers.


Hangouts is compatible with almost all possible devices. Use this application on your PC, laptop, smartphones, and tablets. You need to create one account to have access to it from all your gadgets. This application is available for various mobile platforms including iOS and Android.


This piece of software is created to allow you to stay in touch with all your contacts. Whatever type of device you use, you can easily access your Hangouts account and start messaging or calling your friends or teammates. You can get Hangouts for free from Google Play and App Store.



  • Hangouts offers chatting, audio, and video calling features
  • Team up with your colleagues in group chats
  • Invite up to 9 members to your video conferences
  • Hangouts is offered for free.


  • You need to pay to call landline and mobile phone numbers
  • Some bugs and technical issues may appear.
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  • I can't log in to Hangouts. I get a message that says No connection Couldn't connect to the server. It says this if I'm on wifi or data and on any device. Please email me with an answer so that I can log in to Hangouts again. Thanks Buck Olson
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  • I think this is a great app it could be better though
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