Bright colours in the bathroom: this is how to do it

By adding bright colours to the bathroom you will make this important room even more original and fun. Find out how you can do it here.

Colours determine the brightness and warmth of a room. That’s why we’ll show you how to apply bright colours in the bathroom. You can use just one colour or combine it with others, in line with your furniture. The bathroom must convey freshness, tranquillity and cleanliness.

For this reason, we prefer vivid colours, which bring out the spaces. For good results there are elements to take into account.

Bright, strong, energetic and vibrant colours can be an excellent choice when you choose to renovate your bathroom. We will then show you some original ideas for using bright colours in the bathroom.

Bright colours in the bathroom

You can use bright colours in your bathroom for walls, floors, furniture and accessories. This depends on the colour you want to use to make your spaces shine. Here are some special ideas.

How to combine colours

Contrast with white

You can add notes of colour to your bathroom, but we always advise you to attenuate it with a few neutral colours. For example, you can apply a bright colour to the floor and some walls and use a neutral colour, such as white, for the furniture. This creates a balanced overview.

Do not overload everything with the same colour. There is a risk that you will tire yourself out more quickly and that you will need to renew your bathroom again as soon as possible.

This will not be a good idea, as changing the floor or furniture can be very expensive.

Add coloured furniture

The opposite alternative is also a very good idea. You can apply a total white to the walls of the bathroom, the floor and insert furniture and accessories with bright colors. Coloured furniture is fashionable and there are some really interesting designs, styles and patterns. The materials can also be of many kinds.

Continuing, we will present you the most used colors to give an original touch to your bathroom.

Blue in the bathroom

Blue is one of the most used colours for bathrooms. It brings you back to water, to the sea, to tranquillity, in this way, following your personal tastes, you can apply blue in all its shades. You can opt for the darkest blue, the sea blue, the blue and many others. We recommend applying a shade of blue that is not too dark. You may find yourself having to add a large amount of artificial and natural light to the room.

Blue can be used for walls, floors, furniture, depending on your taste. For example, beautiful cerulean shades can be used for the floor and walls of the bathroom. The accessories can be in marine style. Add shells, sand cans and blue towels. You will see how beautiful your bathroom with this colour will be.

Green is nature

Green is the colour of nature, par excellence. This natural and vibrant shade can be used to renew your bathroom in a pleasant way. You can use green for the walls or, if you prefer, for the furniture. Moss or pastel green can be used in combination with white furniture and wooden elements. The beige tone of the wood will give an even more natural touch to the room.

Always remember to keep in line with the objects that furnish the bathroom. There may be shelves, shelves, towel rails and much more, but they must be in line with the style you have chosen. Also add plants with large green leaves to enhance the naturalness of your bathroom.


Yellow is another lively colour that is widely used in the bathroom. It gives the room great brightness and cheerfulness. Combine a good lighting system, whether artificial or natural. Finally, apply this shade only to the walls. Then think of furniture and a white floor. This will give you a warm, bright room.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of bright colours to apply to the bathroom. You should consider the style with which you wish to combine these colours. Remember not to overload the room with colour. Make sure that there is always a neutral colour to mitigate the strength and intensity of the shade you choose. Have fun renewing your bathroom with the vividness of the shades of these colours.

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