Beautiful avant-garde taps for the bathroom

If you want to renovate your bathroom and are looking for avant-garde taps with a truly unique and modern design, don’t miss these beautiful models.

The avant-garde comes to your home. There is no need for this artistic trend to be expressed only through works of art or furniture, but it can also emerge in intimate environments, such as the bathroom. In fact, in this article we will tell you everything you need to know about avant-garde taps.

The design of the decorative elements that make up a house can be oriented towards a more or less modern perspective, depending on taste. It is a question of offering a different aesthetic. In the case of avant-garde taps, you will need them to give an innovative and original touch compared to more traditional styles.

Nowadays, more and more designers prefer to work in the creation of a contemporary aesthetic, where lines are reduced to a minimum and functionality gains more ground. Modernist thinking in the 19th century is being shattered and overtaken by an avant-garde concept.

Open your home to the avant-garde

The avant-garde artistic currents have tried to break with academic patterns to transform the perception of reality. Some movements were more extravagant and others more moderate, but all have always started from an idea of change.

Your home can become a showcase for avant-garde style. Each room becomes an appropriate space to put its aesthetic principles into practice.

For example, inserting avant-garde taps in a bathroom will allow you to achieve this goal, obviously seeking and respecting the canons of harmony established in the rest of the apartment. It is not necessary to make each room different. It is preferable that a balance is highlighted and a certain continuity maintained throughout the house.

The avant-garde have been and will be an alternative to the art of the municipality.

Avant-garde taps at right angles

Usually, taps are designed with a curved system, to facilitate the flow of water to the center of the sink. This type of approach is not very original but is present in every home, for its practicality. Now you can change this style, with avant-garde taps much more attractive:

  • The right angle offers a very original type of design that has a straighter format.
  • In this way, they denote a certain horizontality and directionality, eliminating the shape of the arch, identifying a sort of square at sight.
  • A more functional system is created, in which the curve stops interesting while the water supply is also made, but with a more elegant, simple and exclusive design.
  • Some avant-garde taps have an outlet cut that allows a curved movement of the water that generates greater aesthetic dynamism.

Avant-garde cascade taps

Another very interesting format are the avant-garde taps that try to imitate the functioning of liquids in nature. That is, they aim to represent a small waterfall without letting the water lose pressure, on the contrary, showing a certain sweetness.

  • They have an open spout, different from the classic ones, which have closed and tightened them, to direct the water.
  • They can have the levers on the sides, some have only one, which you can turn on one side or the other, depending on whether you want cold or hot water.
  • The effect they try to convey is, basically, relaxation. They completely break with tradition and make your bathroom more innovative, original and out of the box.
  • Perfect taps for a minimalist aesthetic

Some types of avant-garde taps

Of course, minimalist aesthetics could not be missing in this type of design. Simplicity, functionality and reduction of the basic elements are the fundamental characteristics of these beautiful avant-garde taps.

  • The lines are reduced to the bare minimum, no more need for them.
  • The treatments and finishes are valuable, thin, with a geometry that works as a reference point, with a certain predilection for square shapes.
  • But there are also curves and straight lines, obviously more present in the support: you always follow the goal of a functional and simple structure.
  • The avant-garde does not need to show surprising designs; in reality, it tries to distance itself from everything that is.

The beauty of the essential

Some avant-garde taps can only have one simple outlet, oriented towards the sink, for example curved, rational and functional or even perfect arch shape. Sometimes the initial part is rounded, briefly, and then continue in a straight line.

In the case of the handle, it can be unique and swivel. It rests on a simple and ergonomic overhang. However, there are also others that are double and are attached to the tube itself or to the sink.

As you have seen, the bathroom can be a great place to introduce this type of decorative style to your home. The avant-garde taps are available in various models and, starting from this basic information, we are sure that you will be able to find the one that best suits your needs.

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