Bathtub or shower: a complicated choice

It is the great doubt that assails us when we have to create or renovate our bathroom: bathtub or shower? Here you will find the respective advantages and disadvantages, plus some useful tips that will help you decide.

One of the big doubts that assail us when we restructure or think of a new bathroom is whether to put a bathtub or shower.

This is a very normal question, since both elements offer advantages and disadvantages and we do not always have in mind what we want, whether it is a bathtub or a shower.

First of all, we would like to start from the idea that a bathtub is no better than a shower, and vice versa.

Quite simply, these are different elements that bring different values, and it depends a lot on your lifestyle, cleaning habits and also on the type of family you understand.

With the ultimate aim of helping you to choose and make sure that you have a bathroom that suits your needs and habits, in this article we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of both the bathtub and the shower.


If you have a small bathroom, then the “bath or shower” dispute is already more than resolved: shower.

Showers are perfect for small spaces or if you want to use the space in some other way. That’s why one of the main advantages is the size, as the standard size is 70 x 70 cm.

If you have more space but prefer this option, then you can choose a larger one or even create a floor shower.

Among the advantages of the shower are:

  • Showers are faster, although we recommend saving time and water in any case.
  • The water consumption is much lower than with the bathtub.
  • Access is easy and convenient because it is generally flush with the floor and this is very useful for older people. Also, adapting a shower for people with reduced mobility is much easier than doing so with a bathtub.
  • It stimulates more in the morning.

Among the disadvantages, however, we find:

  • Its design may not be as spectacular as that of a bathtub.
  • It is not attractive for children with their “bath time”.
  • Some models waste a lot of water, especially those that have pressure jets. Find out about water wastage to choose the most efficient model.

The bathtub

Bathtubs are a perfect element for larger bathrooms, if we consider that their standard size is 70 x 140 cm. Of course, however, you can also find larger ones.

The advantages of the bathtub are many, including:

  • It is itself a decorative element. There are lots of designs, from the simplest to the most elaborate, with which you can add a lot of style.
  • We all have a classic image in our heads: a bathtub full of foam and we’re relaxed inside. That’s right, the bathtub allows us to do that, so it’s more relaxing than a shower.
  • Perfect for children, as it becomes a play area at bath time.

Likewise, the bathtub brings some other drawbacks, which are:

  • It takes up more space.
  • It wastes more water.
  • It presupposes a more complicated entrance for elderly people or people with reduced mobility.

Tips for choosing between bath or shower

If you are still in doubt after becoming aware of the advantages of the bathtub and shower, as well as their disadvantages, we hope that these tips will help you.


First of all, think about the space you have: is there a bathtub? Is there only a shower? Or do they both fit together?

When space is what it is, there is no solution but to choose the option that best suits you.

Here is a very easy formula.

Small = shower

Spacious = bathtub

Super spacious = both

Your family

How’s your family? Is it large? Are there children or elderly people? Do you live alone or do you have a partner?

Reflecting on these issues will help you to understand your needs and hygiene habits, and then to choose which is the best option.


Choosing between bath or shower also has to do with the economic factor. As we have seen, one option wastes less water than the other.

If you don’t want to find nasty surprises in your bill and want to keep an eye on the waste month by month, the most viable option is to take a shower. Also, if you care about the environment, the solution is the same.

If the economic factor is not what worries you, then you can perfectly go with the bathtub.


Choosing between a bathtub or shower is not always an easy matter, especially when in the middle there is always a considerable amount of work that includes the change of taps and fittings.

For this reason, it is important that before you decide, you also think about analyzing your situation, that of your family and your needs.

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