4 low-cost ideas for bathroom renovation 100%

Are you thinking of renovating your bathroom but your budget is limited? Try these options.

Many times renewing the bathroom becomes an impossible mission because of the high prices that usually have the renovations.

However, there are some tricks to renew your bathroom without staying broke.

As you certainly know, the bathroom is one of the most important areas of the house, because of the continuous transit of people. Moreover, it can not only be aesthetically pleasing area but also hygienic and functional. Especially if you have a large family or children.

Over time, it is normal for the elements in the bathroom to deteriorate and for them to be replaced or repaired.

On some occasions, because of our budget, we cannot carry out major works and we are frustrated thinking that it is not possible to renew our bathroom.

There is nothing further from the truth because, as you will see in this article, renewing the bathroom with a reduced budget is possible.

Here you will find 4 low cost ideas to do it and to have a completely new bathroom.

1. Fabrics and accessories are essential

The first idea to renovate your bathroom if you have a particularly tight budget is to start by changing the fabrics.

The curtains (if any), the mat, towels and other accessories such as the towel rack, the set of toothbrush holders, the basket and the brushes.

Changing these elements with others that have a different color or another fantasy will give a new air to your bathroom.

It is a small gesture that will help you get out of monotony without having to waste large amounts of money.

For example, if you want to increase the brightness choose light colors. If you want to communicate elegance, use metallic and glossy finishes and more sober colours.

2. Lighting

Have you never seen each other better in some mirrors than in others? It certainly depends on the mirror, but it also depends a lot on the lighting.

Bathroom lighting is one of the most important aspects, as it is one of the places where we look at each other the most. When we wake up we do a lot of activities in the bathroom, such as brushing our teeth, make-up, combing our hair, etc..

Can you think of how we could go out on the street with bad lighting? With dirty faces, badly combed or with more blush than necessary.

This second idea for renovating the bathroom consists in renewing the lighting.

If you have halogen or incandescent bulbs, change them to LED bulbs. You will also see improvements in your bill.

You can also invest by changing the light points or adding more. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to position these points of light without them creating shadows.

3. Tiles and floor

One of the biggest challenges to renovate the bathroom is deciding to change tiles and floor.

Normally this would be a fairly important renovation that would last for a considerable period of time and would also require a considerable amount of money.

However, nowadays there are cheaper and faster solutions such as special vinyl tiles for the bathroom.

It is a moisture-resistant material that mimics materials such as wood and marble, among others.

In the case of tiles, you can find different models and patterns.

The advantage of renewing the bathroom with this option is its speed, as it is self-adhesive tiles. They are also much cheaper than parquet or ceramic tiles.

Without any doubt, changing the tiles and the bathroom floor with vinyl materials will completely transform it, making it look like you’ve done a great renovation.

4. Intelligent solutions for bathroom renovation

At the beginning we said that this environment should not only be aesthetically pleasing but also hygienic and functional.

Well, many of the problems we can find in this room of the house have to do with space.

That’s right, we want more and more of them. But don’t worry because you can always gain extra space.

For example, you can add an additional trolley to place all cleaning products, makeup or hair products there.

If you have a hole under the sink, you can buy or make a custom-made piece of furniture to store your cleaning products.

Keeping everything organized in wicker baskets or boxes is a good option to leave everything tidy but at hand.


With these 4 ideas for renovating your bathroom we have shown that it does not require a great deal of money to transform it.

But don’t forget that all bathroom renovations have functionality as their main objective, and only aesthetics as the second.

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